Once You Eliminate Fear, Anything Is Possible (Video)


How much does fear run your life?

Let's face the facts. Fear is the reason you are able to read this post right now and it is the reason why our human race has been able to survive for over 50,000 years. In primal times, it prevented us from making decisions that resulted in negative consequences for our well being. If you felt fear, you immediately STOPPED or created a plan of action to avoid situations.

Come back to 2013, a time in history where living in a developed country allows an abundance of food, safety and psychological well-being. A time when technology has given us the capabilities to communicate across the globe in mere minutes; moreover, as we evolve slowly, technology evolves exponentially. So what good does fear do for us now? Is group think really THAT valuable in modern time?

I consider this to be the best answer: Before taking action on something in life, you may feel fear. If the fear is binding you from taking action, the next step is to carefully analyze. Does the result of taking this action benefit my life? If it does, then the fear I am feeling is illogical and irrelevant at this moment. If you have a fear of heights and you truly want to over come it, then go sky dive.

If you fear failure, then you fear a made up concept that is entirely created by man. In the end, it's about making your fears fear YOU.

Watch this video to gain perspective and go through an incredible experience.