The Spontaneous Life: 5 Reasons The Best Life Plan Is No Life Plan

by Ty Baumanis

People always talk about how they don’t want to end up working in an office or at a job they hate. The only problem with that statement is few people do anything about it.

Maybe it’s because you’re afraid to take the risk; maybe you need to follow the family occupation, or maybe you’re just lazy.

Regardless of your excuse, it’s time to stop taking the easy way out, throw caution to the wind and go for what you want.

Here are the five reasons why you should wing it through life:

You discover what you're passionate about

Once you accept the fact that your adventure might not go exactly how the script in your head is written, you’ll be free to explore any field you want.

When you decide to take the road less traveled, you'll finally be able to chase your dreams, whether or not you know what those are yet.

The funny part about dreams is we’re usually so busy worrying about the bullsh*t of society to figure out what they are.

Winging it will finally give you a reason to explore what you truly want.

There’s less fear of failure

If your family wants you to be a doctor and you go to school for it but you come up short because you aren’t passionate enough about it, it’s natural to feel like you failed.

But, when you wing it, you don’t have an exact blueprint of how you expect your life to go. Any brush-off you may encounter simply means you're on to your next journey.

However, in order to get comfortable with this lifestyle, you need to accept taking risks and the fear of the unknown. You need to understand that with surprise opportunities also comes surprise rejection.

But, that’s what will make your life so much more interesting. You never know what’s coming next, so it gives you a reason to put yourself out there each and every day.

It prevents you from settling for a job you don't want

In today’s day and age, people have become overly concerned about finding jobs that make them money.

Sure, it’s necessary, but it shouldn’t determine the rest of your life. If you let the idea of money consume you, that’s exactly how you’ll end up settling for some dead-end job you hate going to.

I began writing simply because I enjoyed it. However, I still couldn’t tell you the ballpark range of how much most writers make. That’s because I really don’t care.

Discovering something that makes you happy every day is much more difficult to find and much more rewarding than settling for any random way to make money.

There are endless options for your future

Potentially, the best part about winging it is never having a planned end to your journey. If you want to work at Lids, go sell some hats.

If you want to start a television show, go harass cable networks with your screenplay. If you want to live in Hawaii, pack your things and say goodbye to the mainland.

There’s no right or wrong answer to your future once you accept the unknown.

You’re now free to move anywhere you’ve wanted to live, try things you’ve wanted to experience and meet people you would’ve never crossed paths with.

It brings excitement back into your life

Sure, accepting the unknown and taking risks aren’t exactly the easiest things in the world. But, take it from me: There’s never a dull moment.

In today’s society, we’ve all become so caught up in plans and schedules that we forget to be spontaneous.

Sometimes, you need to get out there and do something completely random just to see what comes of it. It seems like the best things you find in life are never planned.

In order to properly live this lifestyle, you need to take the leap and get rid of your fallback plan.

That’s because having a plan B will make you lose sight of your plan A. You need to go after what you love without any regard for the “what ifs” because it's the "ifs" that make us cautious.

The easiest way to start winging it is to stop listening to what everyone else thinks you should be doing with your life and start doing what you want.

Ultimately, the decision is up to you, and if that means you have to take a different path than everyone else, so be it.

The reality of life is you can still fail at a safe job you hate, so you might as well wing it trying to do what you love.

We only get to live this life once, so it’s time to stop taking the safe route and take some chances.