Told You Mom! The 9 Smartest People Who Smoke Weed

by Lauren Martin

We all remember that fateful day when Steve Jobs admitted to taking acid. Moreover, he didn't just admit to it, he advocated for it; preaching to students and alum that all people who want to open their minds and free themselves creatively should have at least one good trip. Drug addicts and stoners alike rejoiced, because they know that anyone taking acid most definitely smokes weed. It really was one small step for acid, one giant step for pot.

Once the tech entrepreneur admitted to taking drugs, it seemed okay for everyone else to admit to it. I mean, if this man was singlehandedly changing the world while high, why can't we admit to smoking the reefer? Thus, the acceptance of marijuana was born -- as long as you were smart enough to back it up.

There's a common misconception that weed makes kids dopey and lazy. However, anyone who smokes knows that weed makes you smarter. Of course there are those cases of the burn outs, but the motivated ones are able to use bud as an enhancer. So anytime your parents are complaining about how weed is going to ruin your future, remind them that the most brilliant minds of our time wouldn't have achieved anything without the help of the herb.

Barack Obama

His nickname back in the day was Barack O-ganja....

 James Franco

He's an author, a professor and just everything that's right about smoking weed.

Steve Jobs

It takes a high man to develop the logo of an apple for his entire empire.

Jay Z

You can't write lyrics like a God without the power of the herb. He also must have been smoking something when he named his baby Blue Ivy.

 Natalie Portman

Our favorite actress admitted to smoking weed while in college... at just a little school by the name of Harvard.

Morgan Freeman

He openly admits that weed should be decriminalized, and he's the only actor esteemed enough to play God. That's gotta count for something.

 Arnold Schwarzenegger

If you've ever seen his documentary "Pumping Iron," you got an up close and personal look at terminator chillin' on a fattie and loving life.

Seth Macfarlane

You can't make a show for stoners and about stoners, without being a stoner.

Sean Parker

He just donated $100,000 to marijuana legalization in California, and I don't think it was for business purposes.

Top Photo Credit: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images