Say Hello To Goodbye: 6 Times Letting Go Is Exactly What You Need

by Mounia Bagha

We've all experienced a point in life when we simply couldn’t take it anymore. Maybe you’re tired of compromising and being in relationship limbo, or maybe it's work or just your life in general.

You keep wondering whether the decisions you make are the right ones, but it’s not like we came into the world with instructions on how to do the right things every single day. After all, why does being wrong have to be such a big deal?

Trying to detach yourself from a situation that became way too blurry may allow you to see things differently and to breathe a little.

It doesn’t mean you’re surrendering, or that moving forward, people will label you with a "quitter" sticker.

I don’t believe there’s anything wrong with letting go, and though others see it as a sign of obvious failure, I don't agree. I’d rather see it as a sign of obvious maturity.

Letting go demands a lot of courage; we have to admit that something feels wrong and then pull ourselves together to fix it.

1. When it comes to love

It’s great to know you have someone with whom to cuddle and someone who brings a smile to your face just with sending a sweet text.

The truth is nobody wants to be lonely and the "I’d rather be alone than unhappy" saying only works in theory.

Knowing whether or not you should leave your special someone is not easy to figure out.

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve been dating for two days or two years; whether it’s a booty call or the person of your dreams, you can tell when someone’s just f*cking with your heart.

You know because it’s just too complicated in all the bad ways and you keep asking yourself a million questions without ever finding the answer.

You can decide to turn a blind eye, stop asking all these questions and just live for the present. You can also refuse to settle for something that doesn’t feel right. Ultimately, it’s your heart and your feelings at stake.

2. When it comes to work

I often come across people who profoundly despise their jobs. They dread going to work in the morning and only live for the weekend. And, sometimes, I meet people who simply worship what they do.

There are tons of reasons that don't allow you to simply quit your job (bills to pay, need for food and social life, etc.), and there are just as many ways the situation can turn into a living hell (depression, boredom, etc.).

There’s no right or wrong way to feeling about your work life. Some people are just fine leaving their jobs at the door when they go home, while others can’t live a day without looking for a new gig. Just know where you stand and start from there.

3. When it comes to friends

No one is perfect. I sometimes filter calls when I just don’t feel like talking – does this make me a terrible friend?

I regard relationships just as I regard life: Both include ups and downs, and sometimes, some people can’t stand the journey and don’t want to continue the ride.

Holding on to people for all the wrong reasons will only take you the worst places. It doesn’t have to be anyone’s fault; just don’t be afraid to let some people go.

4. When it comes to family

Oh, family! Can’t live with them, can’t live without them.

They’ve set the bar so high, when every family reunion starts, it resembles a carefully-planned mission to avoid all sorts of sensitive subjects.

And, at the same time, you can help but reminisce on all the good times and cling to your memories.

It's tough to hold grudges against family members; there’s guilt associated with wanting to detach yourself from someone with whom you share genes. So, just like most things in love, it’s all about how you decide to handle it. You can suck it up or spit it out.

I guess the "you can’t choose your family" quote is pretty on the money, after all.

5. When it comes to the world

Sometimes, I can’t help but think the world has become a scary place in which to live. There are wars, terror and people dying. As time passes by, it seems the only way out is even more violence.

It is increasingly difficult to believe a peaceful outcome will arise anytime soon, especially at a time when expressing hatred has never been easier. But, I remember, no matter how bad it all looked before, some people still manage to see hope in tomorrow.

Just like Indian leader Mahatma Ghandi said,

When I despair, I remember that all through history the ways of truth and love have always won. There have been tyrants, and murderers, and for a time they can seem invincible, but in the end they always fall. Think of it — always.

Letting go of anger and fear will leave more room to have faith.

6. When it comes to you

It’s okay to have great expectations; there’s nothing wrong with wanting the best life possible. When it comes to you and the decisions you make for your life, you only must let go of the bitterness and guilt you feel for yourself for not leveling up to what you aimed for.

Letting go doesn’t mean giving up; it only means you’ve decided to sort out a situation in your life, on your own terms.

So, come on, get closure and give yourself a break. As long as life goes on, it isn’t the end of the world.