7 Reasons Why The End Is Often The Best Place To Be


The end of something comfortable and familiar often brings us into very scary territory. If you’re in that position now, I have news for you: As frightening as it may be to let go and be in a place of uncertainty, it is the best place to be.

It can be challenging to see the bigger picture when you’re in a vulnerable position. I like to call this the rock-bottom experience. It is important to realize the Universe is working for you, to serve you.

Pay attention to what it is trying to tell you, as your heart usually already knows the answer — if only you’d listen.

The end is the best place to be because:

1. It Helps You Understand Your Emotions

This is prime time to truly listen to your emotions and understand your doubts and insecurities.

Let yourself feel the emotions at full throttle and come to terms with them. They're less likely to bite you in the butt later on this way.

2. It Was There To Teach You, But Nothing Lasts Forever

Every experience holds the power to teach you a lesson. Nothing is ever an accident.

In a job, it could be a new skill or meeting people who will impact the course of your life. In a relationship, it could be a lesson on being selfless and what it means to love another human being.

Unfortunately, most things do come to an end, which teaches you the impermanence of life itself.

3. It Was Never Meant For You

It is human nature to be attached to people, places, the idea of having a partner or the security of a job. The most important and difficult part of the process is acceptance.

It's tough to internalize that is something comes to an end; it was simply never meant for you. If it were, it would still be yours.

4. It Was A Wake-Up Call

We all know in our hearts what is meant for us; it is about acknowledging this wake-up call and realizing this was happening to force reflection and guide us in the right direction.

5. It Was To Bring You Back Into Alignment With Who You Truly Are

It was never meant for you, so it was never a reflection of who you truly are.

At one stage, I thought teaching was my true calling. This shifted to a passion for writing, but I always had my foot halfway in and out of the door. After six years, the universe aligned itself to have me step out completely and fulfill my innate desires. This is who I am.

6. It Is Blissful

When you come to the realization that something was never meant for you and bring yourself back to alignment with your true self, it can be the most liberating feeling.

This is an opportunity to focus on developing yourself, take care of your health, drift down a new course, step into a new industry and, finally, do what you have always wanted to do.

7. There Is Something Better For You

Insert cliché: When one door closes, another door opens.

This is a test of courage to be able to venture into the unknown. When you do, you’ll find there is something better waiting for you on the other side -- you probably just don’t know it yet. Take a leap of faith.