Why What You Do Is Worthless Unless You Do It With Passion

by Dylan Noel
Do it with passion or don't do it at all

This is one saying by which I live my life, without exception. In my eyes, a life that lacks passion is hardly a life at all. Living, day in and day out, without something to light fire under your soul is simply boring.

Participating in activities, or spending time with people who lead you to hardly care about what you're doing is a mediocre life, at best. It is, quite simply, not a life that you should be living.

Passion is a very strong emotion. Being passionate about something or someone can keep you up at night. It can urge you to make life-changing decisions that may alter your life forever.

Some people are born with one passion, some have many and others may spend their whole lives searching for the very thing or the very person that might ignite their passionate sides.

The problem with our generation is that so many people are too afraid for their own good. They're afraid that they're doing the wrong thing and scared they may get hurt. They're scared to trust. They're scared to fail. They're scared of the present and extremely scared of the future.

Commonly, the most passionate acts are also the scariest. And, this is why people hardly follow their passions. Taking leaps of faith is scary and messy, so people often run from doing it.

But, I am telling you that messy is good. If at this very moment, your life is whirling upside down and you feel as if you're on an endless roller coaster, you're on the right track.

On the other hand, if your life is going pretty smoothly and you're content with most of the aspects of your current situation, think to yourself, "Is there anything in my life that makes me excited to wake up? Is there anything that keeps me on the edge of my seat?

Is there something that makes my heart race and my lips curl up in a unforgiving smile?"  If you can't pinpoint any fuel that guides your life and sparks happiness within you, I guarantee it is because you are not following your passion.

Many people get confused because they believe that if they were doing the right thing, they would be incredibly blissful, which is a huge miscommunication that many of us have with the universe.

Just because something is chaotic doesn't mean that it isn't exactly what your soul needs at any given moment.

For me, the best part of life is diving into situations that are risky. Pursue a job, not because the money is great, but because the work makes you happy to wake up every morning. Move to a new state, not because you know anyone there, but because your heart yearns for unexplored territory.

Take a chance with someone, not because you know it will work out, but because the two of you have an undeniable connection and you can't help but gravitate toward each other.

No matter what you do, make sure you're doing it because you're passionate about it. So many people choose the good (stable) option over the great (messy) one. What a boring way to live!

Passion is messy plus, who wants to live a life or work a job or be with someone you are not passionate about, anyway? I certainly don't.

Bring on the chaos.