Opportunity Won't Fall In Your Lap: 5 Ways To Go Out And Get What's Yours

by Susy Alexandre

Opportunity knocks on all of our doors; we just aren’t always home to receive it.

I’ve always found the old adage of “right place, right time” to be something of a flawed theory. Sure, I believe in some element of circumstantial luck, but there has to be something more.

There has to be some element of this equation that gifts us some control over the whole thing. You can be in the right place at the right time, with opportunities all around you, but if you aren’t open to it on every level, then it’s really just a waste.

In this life of the unexpected, we simply cannot (nor should we try to) control everything. However, if you find yourself sitting in all the “right scenarios” and always coming up short, it could be true that you are unwittingly sitting there with blinders on. Here’s how to take them off:

Know What You Want

This one sounds obvious, but in actuality, most of us have yet to figure it out. And there’s nothing wrong with that. In all likelihood, if you’re doing it properly, what you want will never be a constant. You will always find yourself tweaking the dream, adding frills and trimming fat.

However, it helps to establish mini goals and successes. Look to short-term plans for guidance and motivation and ensure that some aspect of each day, no matter how small, is dedicated to achieving the goals.

Knowing what you want, on any level, sets coordinates in your brain and triggers action and thoughts, even if just subconsciously. You will always be headed toward what you want if you have some clue as to what that is.

Visualize Getting What You Want

Take the time to find a peaceful space to reflect on what you want.  You can know what you want with every fiber of your being, but if you can’t visualize having it and living it, then it’s all just an out-of-reach pipe dream.

See your finish line in your mind; taste the success and relish the moment as if it is just around the corner.

Embrace Hidden Opportunities

While there’s something to be said for maintaining focus and staying on course, never forget to keep a corner of your mind open to the unknown. Take every chance you can and turn over every stone that piques your interest and explore every possibility.

Not every opportunity that presents itself will seem like an ideal fit to the master plan, and that’s okay. Try it on for size and find out for sure. Never pass something over simply because it doesn’t meet the ideal criteria – doing so might be the biggest mistake you ever make.

As we journey through our lives, it’s often the long shot that completes the picture.

Get Up And Go Get It

Most great success stories don’t start with, “So there I was, sitting around, doing nothing, and the chance of a lifetime fell into my lap…” While putting yourself in positive situations with some advantageous timing can certainly help, nothing beats going out into the world and consciously seeking out opportunities.

No one has more to gain from your success than you do. No one will ever work as hard to see you get what you want in life because, quite frankly, everyone is busy working on him or herself. Create your own “right time, right place.”

Know in your heart what you want out of life. Picture yourself on the right path, enjoying the fruits of your labor and seeing it all come together. You have everything you need to chase a dream -- after all, you designed it.

Maintain A Positive Attitude

Smile -- it’s simple. I suppose it's also a little over-stated in motivational literature, but it’s the truth. When you exude positive energy, people cannot help but be drawn to you. There are zero benefits to a negative attitude.

Carry yourself with the same joy you envision yourself feeling when it all comes together. Every day you wake up is a gift, so stop looking for the receipt and make the most of it.

Photo Courtesy: Flickr