Rock Bottom Doesn't Mean It's The End: How Everything Is Going To Be Okay

by Alyssa Ho

To the beautiful person reading this,

We've never met, and perhaps we never will, but no matter where we are in the world and how far apart we may be, one thing needs to be understood: We are unknowingly connected in our human experience, more than we'll ever know.

I ask of you to think of this for one second: Do we not all experience the beauty and wonders of life, as well as pure struggle and pain?

A truth of life is that at one point or another, we will all hurt in some way. From one human being to another, I'm here to let you know that everything will be okay. Maybe not right now, maybe not as soon as you'd like, but I assure you, your day is coming.

From someone who has encountered her fair share of life's trials, I know that the finest days of your life lay ahead of you. I'm here to bring you hope and remind you that no matter what it is you're going through, someone can relate and therefore, understand.

I can promise you, from the bottom of my heart, that no matter what it is you're going through or struggling with at the moment, it will come to pass. In time, you will look back on it as a mere memory, and in that moment, you will find pride within yourself for embodying the strength to move forth from something that had the power to destroy you.

You rose above it all; you triumphed. We must come to think of the hardships in our lives as testing us -- bringing us to our weakest and most vulnerable points -- so that we may find the passion within us to reach our greatest potential and decide that this is what will be pivotal step for us towards a new life.

I've come to learn through the harsh realities and experiences of life that tragedies and pure hardships -- where nothing seems to be falling into place, and where we couldn't ever imagine finding our way out -- are moments that will lead us to the most beautiful and life-changing experiences and lessons.

We chase happiness so much in life, and may even intentionally set ourselves upon the pursuit of it that when our life lands us in a state far from it, we can no longer see any value or purpose in our journey. This is what happens when we live with this misleading idea that happiness is to be our sole focus or end-gain. It's not.

Life is about taking the good moments just as much as we take the bad. It's a matter of coming to accept that not every moment is meant to go according to plan, or according to how we envision it.

That's the magnificence of it, though, isn't it? It can just be a mad, unexpected journey with which we simply have to decide how we will deal as every moment unravels. More than anything, it's about the experience.

If we lived a life free from any obstacle or setbacks, we would never be able to heighten our passion and desires to seek more from ourselves -- our lives and our experiences.

I want and need you to understand that as of this moment, right now, the one person who has the power to change your circumstances is yourself. You are the one who is in complete control of your life, where you are now and most importantly, where you're going next.

To enter into a state of sadness, pain, misery, anger and self-despair is perfectly normal, but you must let those moments pass. Falling into such an abyss can mean that you've completely given up on yourself and all that you have the power and potential to embark upon.

You must decide right now that you won't let yourself feel the way you're feeling anymore. You need to understand that you are destined for so much more than what you're experiencing in this moment.

You must come to realize that as of now, your life will change and you will no longer be trapped in the state you no longer wish to be in. You must come to accept that no matter what happens in life, the lovely moments may be outweighed or accompanied by moments you'd rather not invite into your life.

However, that is indeed the beauty and madness of life: It can bring you happiness and the complete opposite in the blink of an eye. But you, my precious, powerful fellow human being, have it within you to carry on.

Have faith that a path of darkness only ever leads you to something more promising in life. However, this can only happen if you believe in it and allow for it to happen. Everyone knows what it's like to struggle, so don't ever feel like you're alone in whatever it is you're going through.

Behind closed doors, and away from the perfect image that everyone portrays in his or her life, everyone struggles in one way or another. This doesn't mean we are all destined for a future of misery; it simply means that life will always test us and that is one thing we should know is inevitable.

However, we need those tests. We need life to challenge us because without it, we grow too comfortable. This is life's way of telling us that we are destined for something more fulfilling and life changing. You must believe that you deserve and can most certainly pursue whatever it is in life that you desire.

I invite you now to make a promise to yourself that, as of this moment, you won't let yourself settle into this state of sadness and pain anymore. I want you to sincerely accept that you deserve a life greater than this.

I need you to think of the life that awaits you: the new you, new attitude and perspective to life that you will hold. There's nothing more glorious than knowing you're about to set yourself upon a new beginning, a new chapter to your unwritten story.

Think about the new life ahead of you; think of all that you still have to achieve -- all the changes you've yet to make, all that you have to make peace with and all that you have to explore and discover. Tell yourself that as of this moment, things are going to change and you're going to make sure it happens.

Tell yourself that your life is going to take a turn in a new direction. The power of self-belief is beyond what you'd ever imagine. You have the power to change your life, so my only question now is, what are you waiting for?

From someone who has had to encounter struggles and is still finding her place in the world, I wish you all the very best of luck in all of your endeavors.

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