No Matter Who You Are Or Where You're From, This Man Proves It's Time To Break Out Of Your Shell

Being an introvert can be extremely difficult, especially when growing up and going through school.

The cycle of being afraid to step out of one’s shell doesn’t end simply with age, however, as many people live their whole lives without breaking free from their self-consciousness.

Harry Shum, Jr. decided enough was enough after growing up as a shy and quiet kid, using acting and dancing to break out of his shell.

In this self-choreographed performance art piece, Shum uses bright colors to break the boundaries of the all-white room and his all-white outfit, splashing and pouring the paint everywhere without any regard for the mess he’s making.

The piece speaks volumes, although he never says a word, as it represents how scary it can be to defy the norm, which is safe and familiar -- but when you finally do it, nothing else can compare to how rewarding it is.