Let Life Inspire You

by Samira Issa

What is it that drives our inspiration to the top? I believe it is part of our curiosity, the more we want to know, the more we find out and get inspired by all the new things that are happening outside in the world.

Being in a city, which is full of different people, such as New York City, Paris or Berlin, might lead to inspiration for one. My experience through life showed the more I traveled the more I got inspired -- and finally it leads to the feeling of being able to do anything, almost like a motivation motor. Suddenly you feel unstoppable in life, like driving on the highway with unlimited speed.

The better my experiences were, the more I became motivated to do something new and different. People nowadays seem to be very self-driven, and in fact, the world is full of them, because everyone is thinking about their own good. When I decided to use the world for my benefits, starting with studying abroad, doing internships outside of my home country, I learned to become more independent and find out who I am or might become.

And this is the beginning of your own formation into something unique; once you are independent you can start to experience anything you want. In my case it was new cultures, which brought me to where I am now.

Being able to find out the meaning of life for others can help to find out the meaning of your own life. Every milestone I reach gets me more and more excited to continue to follow the spirit of life. Step by step, life forms a proper shape and you know what you want to reach, do and work for. Sometimes it is important to remember these goals everyday so you do not lose the motivation and hope on what you want to reach.

Personally, I wake up to the song “Yes” from LMFAO and the first sentence is “Every day I see my dream” which reminds me of my goals before I throw myself out into the world and work on what I want to reach.

Life is not a written story, it is a creation and you are the creator. The more new interests we develop through life, the more our life creates itself. When finding out what we want, we start doing it or at least we should try to.

Getting inspired means getting motivated to try new things. Some people might think life is like a dream; the only difference is that you actually live this dream. When starting to get an idea, it is certain that someone else in this world is thinking about the same one. The importance here is to launch the idea before the others. That is where motivation and self-confidence comes to great importance.

At the end of the day we are all thinking about getting to the top, and only you can do that. If you feel like anything cannot inspire you in life, get out, talk to friends or even strangers you might randomly meet at a bar. The world is full of precious different creations and creators; use it for your own good and get started by doing something special in your life.

Define what is special for you; it could be something you always wanted to do -- no matter what -- just do it. You can never be sure what you might get, but that is exactly what makes our lives so interesting and unique. Reaching things I have thought are unreachable, cutting edge and knowing by the end of it, I have accomplished something that made my life worthy.

Try new things, jump into this amazing world and create yourself. At the end, it is all fate and everything happens for a reason. Be patient and never give up.

Samira Issa | Elite.