Why It's Important To Love Your Life In This Hateful World


I hate this world, but love my life. Yes, it's a very simple statement. Pretty easy to comprehend, right?

I hate this world because when I wake up in the morning and read the news, I get frustrated.

I get frustrated that the news seems to be the same as yesterday and the day before and the day before. It keeps going. Same news, different players. Humanity seems unable to learn from mistakes that others have committed -- again and again.

I wake up to my beautiful partner every day, just as you wake up to your wife, husband, kids, dogs, etc. We spend the mornings together; we make coffee and breakfast and start our days with those we love. I love my life.

I hate this world because once I leave the house and confront the world with my serenity, the world responds back with a sea of negativity. I try to smell the roses from time to time, but then I hear of somebody I know being cat-called.

No one seems to care about what others feel when it comes to opening their minds to their feelings.

The girl who was cat-called is also my friend, and we're living proof that it's just a myth that men and women can’t be friends. As I look around, I see we're not the only bi-gender best friend duo. Each day, we get closer to achieving a real melting pot. I love my life.

I hate this world because upon checking Facebook, you see explosions of bad news that overwhelm all of our senses. People fight about everything without accomplishing anything. They jump on any bandwagon without helping causes.

Yet, when it comes to positive posts, people come across as annoying. We wonder, 'Is this person really happy?' That’s the question almost everyone asks, instead of just congratulating the person.

A lot of these posts teach me new things. Today, it is possible to reach across the world and start new relationships with people to open the channels of communication between cultures. I love my life.

I hate this world because people kill others for believing in something while telling everyone else what to believe. People continuously destroy for ideas that are supposed to be the foundation of peace and love. Some of us learn the hard way that understanding is what we seek, not what we get.

Life is unpredictable, and the best I can do is find my base and replace the turmoil with peace, the hate with love and the frown with a smile. Smiling is a cure accomplished by supporting other people who give to each other when they are down and out. I love my life.

I hate this world because when it’s late at night, many have to worry where they walk. People get mugged, raped and beat up because of whom they love.

Everyone screams, but nobody listens. Nobody cares to understand the people who commit the crimes — they only judge.

My friends and I discuss these behaviors and how to break them. We seek balance. People are standing up to cat-callers, homophobes, racists. People volunteer in school programs and social activities to help underprivileged kids learn their potential and work toward goals. I love my life.

I hate this world, but I love my life. I am frustrated because I don't understand why world peace is unattainable. When my friends and I sit down, there are Muslims, Christians and atheists sharing the same room.

Some people are conservatives; some are democrats. They fight; they argue. We should learn from our differences, try to reach compromises. We should talk and argue and learn.

Then it dawns on me: A new society is rising, one in which people hate the world, yet love their lives. We have the power to steer the next group of people in a direction where tolerance is not a luxury, but a reality.

Again, understanding is what we seek, not what we get, so why force our understanding onto others? I hate that, but love the potential this world now has. It is our job not to fail it.

Photo Courtesy: Tumblr