Don't Be A Spectator: Why The World's Problems Should Inspire You To Take Action

by Briana Bell

The only time people actually wish they knew nothing is when they know too much.

The least informed people may seem to not have a care in the world. It may seem their realm of life will never coincide with certain issues or harsh realities because they do not expose themselves to it.

Sometimes, ignorance is not voluntary; it is simply that some people are not exposed to certain information.

I know because this has happened to me on multiple occasions. You wish you didn't take that class or read that book or watch that documentary because it has changed the way you look at the world forever.

You wonder what the heck you were thinking before you were introduced to the information.

With that, I have founded a new perspective: “With great knowledge comes great responsibility.” When you know more about the harsh realities of the world, how can you not go out and help?

That is why we have countless individuals who volunteer, go on missions trips, donate to charities and engage in philanthropy.

These people have been exposed to the harsh realities of life, realize how some people are mistreated and choose to do something about it. I would go mad if I knew these things were happening and didn't take action to change them.

Some people simply do not care and are only looking out for their own well-being, and those people, in return, are the most unhappy.

Some are sitting completely alone in their fully stocked and newly renovated million-dollar penthouse, with no one to share their happiness except a handle of their favorite alcohol.

Conversely, some may be wallowing in their own self-pity in their diminutive shack, wondering why someone doesn't help them. Is this the life you want?

I think “we,” as American citizens, are morally obligated to fight for things in which we believe, not sit back and expect the government or “someone else” to solve all of our problems for us.

We as people have to self-educate and become aware of things that are not right within our community and implement change. We have the responsibility to share this knowledge to all who are receptive.

We cannot sit back and expect it to be someone else's problem to solve. It is our problem, and we are responsible of fixing it, especially if it directly affects us and our future generations.

This can reach all issues, from things like climate change to gay rights, to income inequality, to gender bias in the workplace, to societal disenfranchisement.

Feed your mind and instill change. I would advise doing this because the feeling one gets from helping others and making the world a better place for everyone is absolutely invaluable.

This is something we need to instill in society because so many people see the hardships and cruelties of life and choose not to do anything about it. Do not sit back and watch this take place; take radical action.

This is the catalyst to radical change. No one is too small to be heard and promote change. All it takes is passion, dedication and persistence -- with that, practically anything is possible.

Sometimes, I do wish I were ignorant to some of the harsh realities of life because I am human, and it can become depressing and weigh heavy on my heart. But you know what? I use that very feeling of despair and pain to fuel my fire in helping as many people as I can.

I want to bring the greatest amount of utility to everyone from every walk of life. I feel that with my awareness, I feel obligated to make a change to better society and to better myself.

So, once again, I encourage you to share the love, food, wealth, whatever.

You will not only make society, your local community or the world better; you will infinitely make yourself better. So, why not be a part in changing the world? You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Photo Courtesy: We Heart It