Why It's Important To Finish What You Start

by Alex Mullan

Every morning, people awake bursting with brilliant ideas. Many of these ideas have the potential to change the ways of the world. Some of these ideas hold the potential to shape one’s surroundings into something fresh, invigorating and alter their course to take he or she on an entirely new path. These ideas, if fulfilled, have the power to transform the life of the creator.

Yet, these brainwaves are often ignored, neglected and cast aside, much like trash and last night’s stale meatloaf.

As a result, most of these ideas end up going to the same place as all the socks and Ziploc lids that decide to wander off, leaving us in a panic when we can’t find its match in a moment of need.

That place as we all know is, existentially, nonexistent - just like Narnia, or Pluto, for that matter.

I’m fairly positive that the vast majority of people are guilty of this. I know that I sure as hell am. Recently, I finished something that I originally set out to do approximately five months ago.

What was that goal? I wanted to become a contributing writer for this very content platform.

I could have accomplished the task of sending in an application one dedicated afternoon. I could have overcome my fear and done it months ago. Instead, I avoided it like poorly formed metaphors and cheap wine. I forgot about it, thought it wouldn’t happen and discounted it. Luckily, I always kept the reminder on my desktop and in the back of my mind.

Looking back now, I realize I was afraid of failure and rejection. Two things, which I believe are the guiltiest culprits of the ever-accumulating wasteland of abandoned ideas and shattered dreams.

The other day, in desperate need of shrinking my ever-growing to-do list, I set my mind on taking down that particular goal. I pulled up an article I’d written for the fun of it a couple weeks back, made some edits, added a sentence here, inserted a metaphor there. Then, I bite the proverbial bullet and submitted it.

Finish What You Started

The next evening I found the following in my inbox:

Hi Alex, Thanks for reaching out to us. You have a great story that will certainly enable you to be a very popular writer on Elite. Kayla will be able to review your work with our editors, as well as help you to set up your account should you be accepted. Looking forward!

Talk about a confidence boost. Not to mention, reassurance in the fact that nutting up and finishing something will usually yield positive results. With that, I've come full circle to the point, which I want to hammer home.

FINISH what you start.

For transparency’s sake, I’m going to be upfront with you. As mentioned earlier, I’m absolutely terrible at finishing things. I’ve had countless ideas go from their conception to the back burner, to the middle of nowhere in a matter of days. A rush of invigorating excitement translocated to Narnia in mere hours.

The relentless plague of being unable to complete what you set out to do is akin to a disease, a disease of the mind. One that perpetrates deep inside the brain, extends its devious tendrils of self-doubt, kills motivation, and suppresses confidence.

Fortunately, it’s not without a cure.

Unfortunately, said cure is a high dose prescription to bare your teeth, work your ass off, toss aside all negativity, and stamp your project proudly with a seal of authenticity and completion.

I know it’s I’m not the only one affected by this killer of ideas and dreams, which is why I’m writing this and passing along my own bout of confidence to instill into you. Forget fear and rejection. Hold your head high with excitement and hopefulness.

I finished the one thing I was hiding from for months, and look what happened. I ended up as a contributing writer for Elite Daily, a site that has over 8 million unique viewers a month. Now, I’m left thinking of what could have happened had I finished all my other ideas...

You live and learn. The ensuing boost in motivation from which to propel some more ideas along is more than welcome. As you gain momentum from finishing one thing, don’t let it die. Funnel that momentum into your next idea and the one that follows it. Continue the chain as if your life and success depends on it. Complete three or four projects in this manner. You’ll be both unstoppable and inevitably triumphant in your endeavors.

Thrust aside your trepidation and self-doubt. Bare your teeth and embrace the process. Most importantly, finish what you start. You’ll be surprised by what unfolds and presents itself before your very eyes.

Top Photo Courtesy: Tumblr