Why You Need To Embrace The Grind

by Brendan Marshall

When we think of a grind, some images that come to mind are the beans before a morning cup of coffee, a car’s manual transmission in search of the right gear, Jersey Shore dance moves or a gritty ice hockey player. Think further and we conjure up an idea that so many 20-somethings become familiar with post-graduation, having left a comfortable college atmosphere to enter the work force.

It becomes cliché after a certain period of time, often giving way to resentment and even complacency. We have assigned a negative connotation to this idea of “the grind” but it does not need to be that way, and those who steer clear of that mindset will put themselves on a path to success.

One of the best attributes of this daily pursuit is that it applies to everyone. It does not matter if you graduated with a 4.0 in Chemical Engineering and took a job with DuPont or barely completed those final credits only to move back home with mom and dad. The grind does not discriminate. It is a mindset that each individual must acknowledge and appreciate in order to experience its benefits fully. There will be many ups and downs, but in the end, there is one common goal: to find, create and cultivate those things that provide purpose in our lives.

That last statement infinitely applies to many different areas of life. Go find the girl or guy of your dreams while armed with a genuine smile and healthy outlook on life, participate in activities that truly engage your mind, socialize with people who will help you grow, make time for yourself when necessary, and go to whatever you call work every day with the goal of getting better.

The grind is about completing the small, simple tasks and setting large, long-term goals all the same. It is about focus and determination to succeed, becoming the best person you possibly can. There is no time limit and if you so choose, there is no ceiling.

The resounding themes that apply to this idea of the grind are ones of positivity and perseverance. In a world of over 7 billion people, pessimism will always run rampant. Groups and individuals from all walks of life will try to get you down to their level of negativity and it is entirely up to you whether or not to join them.

There will be voices in your head telling you this or that isn’t possible, you aren’t good enough, or you should just give up – do not listen to them, they are just distractions! Obstacles are inevitable and entirely necessary on the path to success. Embrace the challenges that life throws your way every single day and you will grow stronger while learning lessons that can be used for years to come.

No one will tell you that it is easy and there will not be anyone there to hold your hand. The grind is an individual pursuit of greatness. Each is unique and tuned to our interests and abilities. As Ray Lewis once said, “If you’re not pissed off for greatness, you’re okay with being mediocre.” Our generation has been criticized for being lazy but those who embrace this mindset will help to alter that trend. Let’s create purpose for ourselves in pursuit of the best life. Let’s go out and make this world a better place one day at a time.

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Brendan Marshall | Elite.