Why You Need To Embrace Opportunity And Live Life To The Fullest

by Maxwell J. Mangold

Let your mind wonder, and you may not like what you see.

While the mind is exposed to countless emotions each day, both good and bad, it influences stress for survival purposes when a danger is perceived. Thus, the mind imagines negative obstacles when it drifts and considers your reaction or feeling to that situation. While this leaves people in fear of uncertainty, we should let this mystery fuel our pursuit of greatness.

Transform this ambiguity into a clean palette or fresh start. If you’re dreading tomorrow, you’re living this moment at half speed, likely holding onto something in your past, and missing opportunities.

Be it a job, relationship, freedom, luxury, youth, or anything, scarcity is contextual. If you believe your best days are behind you, you are not living up to your fullest potential. Some people don’t believe they have the resources to create a better tomorrow, when the only tool you need is an open mind. You should never value anything more than yourself because nothing is certain or forever. When you lose sight of your own value, you lose your purpose by valuing impermanent circumstances. The future holds more opportunity than you think. Appreciate uncertainty and look forward to the possibilities of tomorrow.

Optimism Is Paramount

Happiness Quotes

Failure isn’t marked by a period. One failure does not signify the end. You’ll learn and become a better person from your experiences – failure or success. No successful individual has gotten to where they are without pushing past failures.

Winston Churchill failed the sixth grade. Oprah was told she wasn’t fit for TV. Columbia Pictures told Marilyn Monroe she wasn’t pretty enough, and Walt Disney lacked imagination. None of these people sulked in their apparent faults; they realized the world was bigger than one rejection. These great icons embraced the chance to write their own stories and explore the unknown, despite being set back.

Every setback seems like an insurmountable mountain, but take a second to remember what worried you a year ago. Consider the hurdles you have overcome that are now just a faint recollection; you’ve survived. You’ve moved on, and new opportunities and challenges have come and gone.

There is beauty and positivity in every opportunity; however, every chance to explore the unknown is different from the last or the next. Appreciate every shot, but without willingness to explore beyond your comfort zone, you’re restricting your potential. Never sell yourself short. Never settle.

Unbounded Potential, Unbounded Possibilities

Seeing The Light

What separates the successful, happy and interesting, from the unsuccessful, unhappy and dull is the willingness to take risks and continually strive for progression. Wander the unknown, even if falling on your face is at risk. Whether it’s a blind date, inspired idea, or an unexpected career opportunity, embrace it as a chance to learn and grow. Too many individuals are afraid of their potential and never recognize the level of greatness they are truly capable of.

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate, our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond belief.” – Marianne Williamson

Some people don’t strive to reach their upmost level of success because they’re comfortable in mediocrity. They’re fine going unnoticed, “living” without ruffling any feathers and straying from the opinions of others, but on the inside, these people are yearning for positive change.

Living In The Now


Tools and resources have never been more profuse and readily available than they are to our generation. Think of all that you have at your disposal today: WiFi, evolving mobile capabilities, Google, expansive research at the click of a button, technological advances, etc.

Peter Diamandis, a New York Times Best Selling author, illustrates his optimism for inventing, creating and innovating ways to solve the looming problems over us and ahead of us in his TED talk from 2012.

His opinion showcases the constant evolution of the world. His optimistic viewpoint encourages our generation to avoid standing stagnant, seeing as our surroundings are in continuous motion. Today may feel the same as yesterday, but looking back in a year, our world will paint a drastically different landscape. Don’t believe a relationship, job, or current status in life is your only option, or your bound destiny. If you focus on achieving better each day, you will.

The world we live in is growing increasingly abundant. Why not make your life the same?

Top Photo Courtesy: Tumblr