If You Don't Know Why You're Doing It, What Are You Even Doing?

by Joshua Eferighe

Your eyes pop open and a series of blinks occur. A visual of an adjacent wall, disturbing wallpaper and the leftovers from the monster of an appetite that reared its ugly head last night all greet you good morning.

Your brain begins to load the image like an old computer blinking in and out, processing the entirety of your life as reality clocks in. There you lie, momentarily numb, still.

Before your routine resumes and the muscle memory of the monotony kicks in, you wonder whether you can answer a question that, quite frankly, is the reason for going anywhere in the first place: Why are you doing it?

This question may seem broad and obvious at first; it may even come across as preachy and pseudo-deep. However, I'm not referring to existentialism or reason for being, per se. Rather, this question is pointed at the motivation that so many of us lack.

This question is a statement; a reminder to oneself of the finish line ahead or to establish one where another doesn't exist. You can approach this question one of two ways:

1. A simple answer

Immediate, short-term satisfactions are found here. Money, bills and a muttered, "school, so I can get my degree" all fall under this category. A lengthy response that has nothing to do with one's passion may also emerge, but nothing concise or specifically oriented toward a person's true passions.

2. An answer with purpose

This is a firm answer that includes promise and direction like, "I am going to school so I can obtain the credentials to start my non-profit organization." Or, "right now, I'm at McDonald's, but I'm saving up so I can pay for these acting classes." Or, "I lifeguard, but I also make music that I feel can inspire people, just like me, to chase after something that is important to them."

Why is it that students switch majors two or three times and spend more than four years in college? Why is it that individuals grow to be middle-aged before deciding that they were not waking up for the right reasons?

What is more important than figuring out the reason for opening our eyes every day? The second we find a reason to live is the second we will be excited to live every second of our lives.

Every day you're alive is not only a chance to make your life better, but also a chance to chase your why. It is imperative for you to know your reason for being. If not, you will be an empty vessel, floating in the mass of this universe.

Having a reason to wake up every morning makes every day exciting, as opposed to being a task. There are people who hate Mondays and people who are pumped to start another week doing what they absolutely love.

It is our responsibility to work every day to position ourselves to be excited about work on Monday. There is no reason to get up without intending to fill our days with tasks we love, or to strive to get there.

Firstly, however, it's imperative to discover what we love, to know why we're doing it.

Your eyes pop open, and upon the first realization of consciousness, a series of emotions hit you. Gratitude takes a sweeping rush and grabs you out of bed as you recognize that you were afforded another opportunity to breathe.

Now, it's excitement's turn; you see the blank page of a new day and you become enthralled by the possibility of writing a new chapter.

Finally, determination launches you into the swing of things as you zero in on your end goal. You are fully aware of the hurdles, and momentary pit stops don't discourage you. Discover why you are doing what you're doing and begin to see value in everything.

Photo Courtesy: Tumblr