5 Aspects Of Your Past You Need To Let Go Of In Order To Become Your Best Self

by Kevin Tuazon

Never hold back in life. Like they always say, we are all a work in progress. However, are you sure you are really progressing?

Progression is a serious commitment. It won’t happen if you’re not willing and ready to let go; if you’re not really ready to leave the past behind and let life take its course. Quit exhausting yourself worrying about how life will progress.

Instead, learn to let go of what’s bringing you down so you can start your uphill climb to becoming the best possible version of yourself.

1. Let Go Of Your Past Struggles

Struggles happen because we need to grow. They are not there just to make us suffer, but also to help us learn our lessons and make us grow stronger. Whenever you feel like giving up, ask yourself, do you want to stagnate or make progress? Don’t stagnate; instead, fight, even when you’re aching.

Being ready to face slammed doors, failures, wrong turns and embarrassing experiences is the only way to learn from them. Only then can you become ready for the things life will offer you. See beyond every struggle by searching for reasons why they’re happening and what they’re teaching you.

Struggles aren’t constant. With time and determination, you’ll conquer them. Turn them into weapons that will make you stronger, wiser and braver in handling life’s obstacles.

2. Let Go Of Your Past Wounds

You owe it to yourself to forgive everyone who hurt you and let go of all the pain they’ve caused.

Forgiveness is not just something you give to the person you’re forgiving. More importantly, you give it to yourself. You slowly learn to see things from a new perspective and act with a light heart.

Forgiveness is like emptying your cup to fill it up with something better. More than anyone, it’s you who’s going to experience its fruits.

Forgiveness works within you and frees you from the toughest chains. It breaks even the hardest hearts and heals even the deepest wounds. Leave all the pain away and face all tomorrows believing that good things are in store.

3. Let Go Of Your Past Mistakes

Sometimes, we need to forgive ourselves. Let go of all of the guilt and pain you’ve caused yourself and others; let go of all the stupid things you’ve previously done. The only way you'll be able to start anew is if you're able to forget your past mistakes and shortcomings.

Have faith that you can change; that today, things will be better and you won't fail again. Believe that opportunities will keep knocking and you will get it right next time. If you don’t learn how to forgive yourself, you will never believe in any of your capabilities.

4. Let Go Of Your Past Achievements

Sometimes, your achievements stop you from striving to be better and discovering more of your potential.

Your achievements are just a part of you; they’re not the total of who you are. Check yourself every now and then if you’re still the same person after all your triumphs. Knowing how to handle success is a sign of maturity because it means you don’t let the things you do define you. It means you do them not for the glory, but for the experience.

Be thankful for anything you accomplish, but don’t let it go to your head. Always walk with a grateful heart, not with a conceited mind.

5. Choosing Your Future Over Your Past

A new beginning comes with a price. You must end something before you can get it. The question is this: How much do you want to move forward? You always have a choice; you can dwell in the past or focus on what’s ahead. Think of all the things you’ve gone through and decide what you want in your life.

If you don’t do this, how can you let go of the past and pursue the right beginnings? The past is just that; you can no longer change anything about it, unlike the future, where chances blossom.

For most of life, we only get one shot and not being ready because you’re still carrying the baggage of your past is such a waste of opportunity. Leave your past experiences behind. Only take the lessons you’ve learned and the person you’ve become with you.

Photo Courtesy: Lauren Bledsoe/ Flick