Change Up Your Daily Routine And Change Your Life For The Better

by Alli Page

As 20-somethings, we’re quick to notice that upon embarking into the real world, much of our lives become constricted by routines and schedules. And, while many young adults find ways to escape the nine-to-five schedule, the rest of us are stuck working during strict, non-negotiable scheduled times.

We wake up, anywhere between 5 am and 8 am, get ready for work, work for nine hours, then come home and watch Netflix.

For me, it’s the one surefire way to deteriorate into a boring existence. An existence in which we become slaves to our jobs and routines, always too tired and sluggish to step out into the vast unknown and find a bit of adventure.

So what's a 20-something to do? Change up your routine and change your life. Taking simple steps is the first step toward changing the bigger things.

Check out some simple ways to change up your daily routine:

Shower and brush your teeth differently.

Do you normally start on the left side and work your way right? Try starting on your right side. Do you normally shampoo first when you shower? Start with body wash this time.

Change your usual coffee shop.

If you are the coffee type, you probably have a specific coffee shop that you tend to visit. Do you normally go to a Starbucks near your apartment? Try a local coffee shop, even if it’s an extra 10 minutes from your usual Starbucks.

Commute a different way to work.

Try leaving 10 minutes earlier in the morning and taking a scenic route to work rather than the regular interstate route that you generally use.

Pick a different place to hang out.

If you normally hang with friends at a local bar, try a local coffee shop. Even better, try something totally different like a road trip, a sporting event or a concert.

Sign up for a new class.

Is there something you've never done but have always wanted to try? Maybe it's skydiving, white water rafting or scuba diving. Whatever it is, sign up for it.

Do something different after work.

If you normally go to happy hour, try hitting up some local music. If you normally come straight home from work, get together with some work buddies or friends first.

Take mini-adventures on the weekends.

If you have a nine-to-five job Monday through Friday, you probably have some free time on the weekends. The weekends are the perfect time to indulge in mini-adventures that will rejuvenate you for the week ahead. If you are the outdoors type, try hiking or camping adventures. If you're the traveling type, go somewhere you've never been.

Socialize with different people on your lunch break.

If you normally socialize with the same people at work, try heading outside of your comfort zone and meet different people. Head over to the group across the hall and extend an invitation. You never know, maybe you’ll make a good friend.

Photo credit: Theo Gosselin