8 Ways To Be A Badass And Get The Life You Want

by Ryan James Lock

How to change your life is a big interest of mine, mainly because I did it myself. Three years ago my life was very different — I was living in London and was not very happy.

Fast forward to now — I spend half the year in Ibiza and look after private clients in 3 different countries, write for some amazing websites and am about to launch my first group training program about how to market yourself and get clients.

If you want to change any aspect of your life — whether it means starting or growing a business, getting in shape or moving abroad and working from the beach — I’ve compiled 8 badass ways to get the life you want, shake things up and achieve your goals.

1. Stop worrying about what other people think of you.

This is a hard one to get your head around, but once you do, it’s life changing. The truth is that people will always have opinions, no matter what you do. Holding yourself back and not chasing the life you want because of other people will leave you feeling stuck. Who cares what other people think of you?! I’d rather be the person who works toward her goals rather than the one who sits, waiting.

2. Invest in yourself first.

Past high school or college, most of us don’t think about carrying on with learning, which is a shame. What skills can you learn to help you to achieve your goals? Instead of wasting time reading gossip magazines, look at books that can teach you valuable things or audio books to make your daily commute easier and more fruitful. Always invest in yourself first.

3. Choose your influences.

When clients talk to me about making changes, one of the first things I consider are the things that influence their view of the world. If you want to be and entrepreneur and start your own business, then stop reading horror stories about how bad the economy is. Your subconscious listens to everything that you tell it; decide what you want to be true for you.

4. Take action in spite of fear.

One of the most powerful pieces of advice I was ever given was to take action in spite of fear, rather than waiting for it to go away. When you are living an exciting life, there will always be an element of fear involved as you have new experiences. Rather than let it stop you, remember that you are uncomfortable because you are simply traveling out of your comfort zone, which is positive.

5. Find a spiritual practice.

Every morning and evening, I chant and do a Buddhist practice called Gongyo. I also meditate and practice EFT tapping.

Find a practice that works for you and make it a part of your life. You have an infinite supply of wisdom and inspiration inside of you — give yourself the time to connect with it and watch how your life changes.

6. Let your past go.

We’ve all had painful experiences in our lives — it’s just part of being a human being. When I became a Buddhist, one of the first quotes I read that really helped me was “Resentment is like holding a hot coal and expecting the other person’s hand to get burned.”

It’s healthy to work to not carry resentment around with you, as it weighs you down. If you are not sure how to let something go, be open to knowing more — then, the answers will come.

7. Stop talking, start doing.

I have new clients make lists of things that they are not doing to reach a goal. One of the best ways to stay stuck in your life is to constantly talk about things and never take action. If you want to really change your life or achieve big goal, then commit to being someone who takes big action and talks about it after rather than the other way around.

8. Listen to people who have what you want.

Don’t listen to your broke friend about how to make more money or grow your business. It sounds obvious enough, but most of the time, people are so quick to give advice that they actually aren’t qualified to be giving. Seek out people who have the life that you want, learn from them, read their books and take their classes — first-hand knowledge is worth it’s weight in gold.

Photo via Suits/USA Networks