7 Reasons You Don't Have What You Want And How You Can Change That

by Ryan James Lock

Let’s get real for a moment — the reason you don’t have what you want has nothing to do with the stars not being in line, past agreements or even karma. Those things all have their place in spiritual study but they are by no means excuses for inaction or justifications for why things haven’t worked out.

A lot of people give up their power to outside influences when they should be working to understand how powerful they really are.

As a coach, I’m known for being quite direct with clients. I don’t just smile, nod and tell you that you are amazing when I can see that you’re making excuses or not following through; it doesn’t help anyone achieve anything.

If you are feeling stuck about something, read through the points below to see which resonate with you:

You think reading is doing.

You’re reading all of the self-help and personal development books you can carry and assume that somehow, the books will do the work for you. Sorry to break it to you, but books are just study materials to teach you things. They can’t do the work for you, just as reading about exercise won’t get you in shape.

You think talking is doing.

How many times have you heard people talk about things they are definitely going to do and then nothing happens? I made a decision only ever to speak about the things I have actually done; actions speak louder than words.

You think it happens overnight.

It took you awhile to get to where you are now in life and it can take a while longer for things to change, which is no reason to give up. It’s not helpful to expect overnight results, so take the pressure off yourself and enjoy the process.

You worry what other people think.

You can worry about what other people think or you can get things done, but you can’t do both. People will always have opinions. No matter what you do, don’t let that stop you from living your dreams and working on your goals.

You are waiting for your stars to line up.

I’m all for astrology, and think there can be a lot of value in it, but I never believe in putting things off because of an astrology reading. The power comes from within you, not in your stars lining up. Own your power.

You think affirmations alone make it happen.

Another issue I see often see is that people believe just saying affirmations will bring them what they want. It won’t. Affirmations are powerful tools, but only when they're backed up with action.

You haven’t actually done anything about it.

If something isn’t happening for you, ask yourself what you have done. Too often, we convince ourselves that we’ve done all we can do and that results will fall into our laps.

I always have new coaching clients write a procrastination list. I ask them to write down everything they have been putting off doing to achieve their goal — make one and see what happens.

The space between where you are and where you can be only requires taking an action. Take a few moments and think about your life three months from now.

The time will pass whether or not you do anything, but by taking action, you will likely come closer to having what you want.

Top Photo Courtesy: Tumblr