6 Stupid Fears That Will Only Stop You From Realizing Your Dreams

by Lydia Teffera

There's a person you want to be. A person who will fulfill your dreams instead of a person who just sits, watching dreams fly by while surfing through channels, trying to drown out reality.

You know you can be a boisterous person rather than an unhappy, regretful person, staring sadly at your shadow as you trudge through the halls of work, day after day.

You constantly fight for the person you can be. The person who wants to chase his or her dreams and say f*ck it, but doesn't want to come off as ridiculous, foolish or childish to friends and family.

The person who wants to quit it all. To quit that ridiculous, monotonous job and that unfulfilling lifestyle in order to actually do what he or she wants — to chase his or her dreams instead of living the nightmares.

So, where does this ridiculous trend end? When do you get to start actually living your dreams? When you succumb to your fears -- these fears:

Your fear of never making any money

Money is a currency that some people allow to validate their lives. Don't be controlled by something that can vanish within a second.

Yes, it's important and even wonderful at times because you can provide for yourself, your family and the people you love. But, everyone chasing any dream has to wake up to the reality that it may not come true.

The dream that they may be broke, they may fail and they may never earn a damn dime from what they love. But, instead of walking away, they give Benjamin Franklin the finger and continue down the path to happiness.

Your fear of never having that many friends

Sometimes, you will never be able to do the fun and expensive things most of your friends can do. Chasing your ambition and striving for your dreams isn't easy, after all.

Sometimes, your budget or your work won't give you the free time and flexibility to do what others can.

You must suck it up and accept it. It will be hard and very limiting, but if those people are truly your friends, they will find a way to understand and include you in their lives and vice versa.

Your fear of being alone

Stop feeling badly for chasing your dreams instead of another person. Every person is different and will chase different dreams.

If you expect to find someone who always understands what you love or who will mold his or her life to make it fit with yours, you're delusional.

Chasing your dreams means sometimes giving up on other things, but if you're lucky, you can find both.

Your fear of failing

Failing means you at least tried, which is a hell of a lot better than the teeny cubicle in which you reside, day after day. Success should not be something that others define. If you get up every morning and press forward on your goals, your efforts and your dreams, you are a success to yourself.

F*ck everyone and what they think. Your life is not determined by other peoples' ideas of you — ever.

Your fear of never being appreciated for your work

If one person — just one person — feels better by reading the words, listening to the songs or watching the films you made, it is more appreciation than you should ever expect.

You had an opportunity to change someone's mind for a split second. And that is truly amazing.

Your fear of never having any talent in the first place

Some things don't come as easily to some as they do to others. Sometimes, you have to do something for 10,000 hours while someone else can be better than you after one hour.

It's not always about how talented you are, but rather, how you envision your dreams and whether you can meet that vision with the will, determination and drive to see it through.

Not everyone will be discovered on the side of the street while grabbing a macchiato. Some people have to be told "no" a million times before the will ever hear one "maybe." But, that's not why you do it. That's not why you chase your dreams.

You do it because nothing else feels right. You do it because everything else falls short and makes you feel like you're drowning in a life that's not even yours. YOU do it because even failing at this one thing feels better than succeeding at something else.

Bottom line: Chase your dreams! Write a play, audition for a film, live on a fishing boat, become a professor, do whatever you want to do while you can do it.

When it's all over and you have a chance to look back at your life, you won't be focusing on the years you spent doing what you had to. You'll be smiling at the times you were able to do what you actually loved, and that's the only way it should be.

Photo Courtesy: Tumblr