5 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Value Education Over Creativity


The main purpose of education is for us to understand how this world works and what can we do to contribute to it. But, creativity is what pushes things forward. 

It’s essential to be educated, but it’s vital to stay creative in a world that tends to kill original ideas in an attempt to make us all the same.

Here's why you should stay creative:

Learning by doing leads you to success. At first, it’s most likely that you'll fail, but then you’ll improve.

As simple as it may seem to learn by example, the best lessons come when you actually step out of your comfort zone. Leave anything theoretical aside; start being creative and doing the things you want to do.

It’s important to learn the basic knowledge you need, but you can’t just be a piano singer without actually singing the piano, right?

Moreover, simply reading public speaking books, which teach you how to overcome your fear of speaking in front of a large audience, is useless if you don’t decide to practice your skills. Of course, your first experience will never be a piece of cake, but practice makes perfect.

Your dreams will come true once you decide to work hard and leave your fear of failure at the door.

Thinking outside the box often changes the world.

Professors give you advice based on their experiences and often forget to mention that you have to adapt the tips to whatever you dream to achieve. Anything you learn in school is patterned. You must break that pattern if you want to stand out.

Bill Gates founded Microsoft, the computer software corporation globally used today, and Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook.

How did they succeed so hugely? They had the courage to break the patterns and create something new to change the world. They followed their instincts when it came to what they wanted to do in life.

Listen to the others, but do it your way.

Letting yourself be inspired by people who already reached success can be very useful. Listening to success stories will inform you that you aren’t the only one who wanted to do more in life than just settle for less than great things. It will remind you that you aren't the only one who started small.

We all have dreams; we all study hard and hope we find the key to making our dreams come true. Then, reality strikes and proves that beyond sheer knowledge, you must learn something that nobody really invites you to practice: creativity.

Don’t grow up; it’s a trap! Can we stay artists forever?

In childhood, we have coloring books and are encouraged to use colors in order to be creative. People enjoy seeing children draw, sing, write poems and little stories. People enjoy watching children be creative.

Then, children develop their creative sides and let imagination take over. They start to enjoy doing this, and once they grow up, various people tell them it’s time to get a serious job.

Some obey and just keep the creativity as a hobby (often regretting it), but some decide not to obey the rules that society forcibly tries to impose. They're the ones who write history!

Passion awakens creativity and shapes your future.

Choose a job about which you’re passionate that will allow you to be creative so you’ll never get bored of what you do. Make your passion project your business, and the creativity will come.

Yes, even if you enjoy playing video games, you’ll find other people like you in order to found the business you’ve always wanted.

Some people are born with a certain talent, but without education and creative thinking, that talent can fade.

I have a friend who does awesome illustrations. She has a real talent and was appreciated for it, but told me she never stopped drawing, even if she was in class. She even drew silhouettes on a tissue during lunch break. She understood that education is important, but never let go of her passion.

Nowadays, she studies fashion design. Industry people are amazed by her work and I’m pretty sure that once she graduates, she will be one of those people about whom we read beautiful stories.

Having original ideas with real value is what shapes tomorrow’s leaders.

Photo Courtesy: Tumblr