10 Positive Thoughts To Help You Achieve Your Goals

by Lyndsay Reyes

The road to success is not smooth. Making something out of yourself in our high rising society can be intimidating. With all of the stress that the world puts on becoming successful (interlocking with happy), we can often get discouraged. Keeping a positive mind will set you down the right track to obtain the goals you aspire to achieve. Keeping these 10 thoughts in your mind daily will simultaneously intertwine subtle excitement for the future into your daily life and add confidence into to your future.

10. Greatness does not happen overnight

As a society that has grown well-acquainted to the demand for quick access, we often forget that a career is not something that we can receive at a drive-thru. Of course it is frustrating to desire something so badly and feel as if it will take years to obtain it. But, that long wait provides a perfect amount of time for us to exercise our love for what we are looking to achieve. If you continue to strive for the same goal, no matter how long it takes, then you are truly dedicated to what it is that you want. Many give up due to the strenuous working process day after day, but if you keep that light at the end of the tunnel in your vision, you will feel even more satisfied when you reach it.

"Don't let the fear of the time it will take to accomplish something stand in the way of your doing it. The time will pass anyway; we might just as well put that passing time to the best possible use." -Earl Nightingale

9. Rejection is inevitable, but it can not stop you from what you want

Human beings fall victim to the fear of rejection. Every day, millions of people hesitantly step into the world of business, fashion, medicine, etc. These hopefuls ironically fear what can go wrong rather than what can go right. While the emptiness that rejection leaves us with is like a gash to the heart, it is also a wake-up call. Being turned down from one company does not mean you are not suitable for the job. Being turned away from your top choice of college does not mean you do not have potential or brains. It is up to YOU to take that rejection, toss it to the side, pick yourself up, and go out and try again. Look at it as a bump in the road rather than a dead end.

Let rejection build you up, not negatively dictate your future. Afterall, Walt Disney was fired from a newspaper for "lacking creativity."

8. You have far more to offer the world than you think

We are all on this earth for a reason. Sometimes it takes a few ups and downs to find out that reason. It takes trial and error to realize what you can accomplish. Every one of us has the potential to change the world. We all have something within us that was set there at a young age and is waiting to be released. Whether it be a component of our personality that can turn the world into a kinder place, a simple thought that can create extraordinary products, or the drive for success that can form a multi-million dollar company, we all possess a skill. Remind yourself that you have a purpose in life and the world is waiting for you to share it.

7. Opportunists set the grounds for society

Those who go out there and make the best of what life has to offer are the happiest. You may get the feeling that there will be no more job openings or internships in your field by the time you are eligible for them. Right? Wrong. We live in a prosperous world that grows with every passing minute. There will always be new opportunities out there. If you mold yourself into one of these kind of people, you will eventually and surely receive what it is you are looking for. Opportunities are everywhere. Seek and you shall find.

6. Risks aren't always bad

Taking your confidence and turning it I to risk taking is an excellent attribute. Risks are scary to most, for it takes one out of their comfort zone. This being said, stepping out of tor comfort zone is a step in the right direction. Life begins when you remove yourself from what you're used to. Tell yourself that it's okay to enter new territories! Travel. Take chances. Do something that you're scared of. Set up a job interview with a prestigious company. Put yourself out there without fear.

5. Pick one present you want to reward yourself with when you reach a milestone

The road to your future doesn't have to be strictly stiff business. Giving yourself leeway for pleasure will help you stay on track. Set smaller goals on the road to your large goal. When you land an internship, treat yourself to a nice pair of shoes. When you get a raise, reward yourself with that watch you've always wanted. Praising yourself for your accomplishments will help you stay focused to keep working as hard as you can. Remember that you are a human and humans need self-fulfillment to progress.

4. Support System

If you're lucky enough to have a single person that believes in all that you are, you're lucky enough. Not every successful person was fortunate enough to have a handful of people that supported them along every failure and triumph. If you have a close knit group of people you can rely on to boost you up when you've reached your lowest, you should thank them often. You may feel alone along the road to success, but remember those that are rooting for you. You can find this support in parents, relatives, friends, teachers, etc. Don't take them for granted. They are the ones who will be by your side when you start from the bottom and when you reach the top. (No Drake reference intended.)

3. You are already halfway to your goal just by dreaming of it- now get out and do it!

There are millions of people that lack any ambition. Those that do not strive for any sort of success are the ones who will not make it nearly as far in life as you will. By experiencing failures and rejection, you are steps ahead of those who don't even try. Remind yourself that you are already closer to reaching your dreams and goals just by having the courage to dream at all!

2. Remove "can't" from your vocabulary. Permanently.

It is one of the most cliché sayings but holds much truth. When you restrict yourself from something because you think that you "can't" do it, you are only withholding great potential from the matter. You CAN do it. We all are capable of greatness. Recite "I CAN do this" to yourself 5 times when in doubt.

1. You are capable of anything and everything

When you get up in the morning, don't rush to get a cup of coffee. Rather look in the mirror and remind yourself that today is another day to set forth towards your goals. You have the ability and resources you need. Release any negative thoughts and remember that you are a strong person who can satisfy your innermost desires as soon as you make the first step to do so. You have strength, courage, wisdom, and individually thrust upon you. Make it count.

Lyndsay Reyes | Elite.