The Evolution Of Mother-Daughter Relationships, As Told By What Age You Are

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We all go through these multiple stages with our moms. As we develop, we learn that we can in fact talk back, defy the rules and eventually hope to be just like our moms one day. It's the facts of life, and we all go through the trial and tribulations of a mother-daughter relationship.

Here are a few of the stages every mother-daughter duo will experience during their relationship together.

0-5 years old

This is the beginning, when it's all rainbows and unicorns. We've literally been inside our mothers recently, so they are really the only humans we know and trust.

We can't talk or understand, so nothing we hear can annoy us and nothing we say can be annoying. Our moms are always there, dressing us, feeding us and wiping our butts. How could we not love them?

This woman literally gave us life, and life is good.

5-10 years old

Now we have to go to school and we NEVER EVER want to leave our mom's side. We cry when they leave us at the school doors and we run up to give hugs when we see them picking us up from school.

We draw pictures of them for our little “homework assignments” and want to be just like them when we grow up. Our moms could do no wrong in this stage. We need them, we never want to be a part from them and we idolize them.

10-15 years old

This stage starts out okay, but then we turn 13, and all hell breaks loose. We're teenagers now, and we are literally just too cool to even have parents, and too cool to have any type of authoritative figures in our lives for that matter.

That's what your mom turns into: “the man” who only tries to embarrass you and basically ruin your life.

15-20 years old

Now you know for a fact that it is your mother's sole mission in life to ruin yours. At this point, you've probably thrown the word “hate” at her more times than you'd ever admit now.

You've probably wished you had a different mom and purposely defied her rules, because you're just a badass rebel trying to live your life. You're basically an effing adult, so why is your mother always breathing down your back? Like, just be cool mom and let me live.

Your mom has probably wished a million times that one day you'll have a child just like yourself so you can see how it is. The tension between you two is real.

20-25 years old

It feels like it happened over night, but all of a sudden, your mom is your best friend. She's the one you want to tell everything to. You want to gossip with her, drink with her, spend your weekends with her and you basically hope one day you will be just like her.

You've realized that after all those years of fighting her, all you really should have been doing was seeing how she was only trying to help you and be there for you. Now you never want your mom to leave you again. You treasure all the things she has done for you, all the lessons she has taught you and you finally see how cool your mom really is

The stages change drastically from year to year, and I think we can agree it happens in most child-mother relationships. I don't know what life is going to be like with my mom after 25, but I know that it can only get better. Here I am, as a 20-something, spending most of my weekends hanging out with my mother, treating her like one of my pals.

I live with her now, so I even refer to her as my roomie. We go back and forth with witty banter, probably because a relationship like Lorelai and Rory is only my dream, but also because I never knew how funny my mom could be.

After years of tormenting her, maybe even still tormenting her, I want to thank her for not just being my mom, but for loving me even through my teen angst phase, and for still loving me when my attitude gets the best of me.

It is definitely a relationship full of ups and downs. Some days are better than others, but moms will always be there to catch you when you fall and pick you up when you're down, no matter what you said to her when you were 17.