Lifestyle — Members Of The LGBTQ+ Community Describe The Moments They First Came Out

Coming out can be a difficult thing to do. No matter if your friends and family are supportive, the very act of telling someone you're gay, bisexual, trans or maybe not even sure which category you fall into, is a terrifying moment. When I came out as bisexual, my parents thought I was joking. I even had a national magazine spread put my and my girlfriend's faces on its cover to come out a month ago, and they're still not sure whether I'm serious.

But regardless of whether or not my parents think my sexual preference will “stick,” I was lucky enough to have parents (and loved ones) who have been immensely supportive from day one.

Some people are maybe not so lucky. Some people are harassed. Some people lose their homes. Some people's loved ones never speak to them again. It can be a terrifying thing to come out to the world. But let me tell you, the world is a brighter place when you do.

For more inspirational stories (and wisdom) about coming out, check out this video, and share your coming-out moment in the comments below.

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