This Quiz Will Tell You Which Famous TV Mom You're Going To Be Like

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I've often wondered what kind of mom I'll turn out to be.

Will I be like my own mom? Or a mom version of my dad? That's one way to think about it.

But, strangely enough, TV moms come to mind when I really ponder this question extensively. You've got the Kris Jenner-type mom, who's super involved in her kids' personal lives, and the cool Lorelai Gilmore-type, who's best friends with her kids.

There's the Lily van der Woodsen, who just cannot seem to see eye-to-eye on anything with her kids. Or, maybe you're a kooky Lisa Landry mom. I'd say that's my mom, with a little Kris thrown in.

Then there are the Claire Dunphy moms I grew up with as a kid. They've devoted their lives to making sure their kids are safe and happy.

So, which famous TV mom will you be? Take this quiz and find out.