Here's How To Successfully Add Metallics To Your Summer Wedding

Looking for a way to make your wedding fit in with 2016 summer wedding trends?

If you're not in the mood to have your reception in the great outdoors, because you don't want to put up with a backup plan if it rains and you don't want to kick out the idea of wearing a long dress and saying "I do" to a knee-length one, you can add a trendy flair by going metallic with your summer wedding.

If the idea of metallic makes you think of rock 'n' roll or even 80s style, you're thinking about it the very wrong way. Here are five ways you can add a metallic glow and shimmer to your wedding to make your vibe fit in with this summer.

1. Add a touch to your cake.

If you're wondering how to make your white wedding cake pop with color and pizzazz, skip the decorative, bright flowers made of marzipan and icing and add a touch of metallic instead. Whether it's with metallic cake toppers or even edible glitter -- I swear there is such a thing and it actually tastes good.

2. Make it a shoe requirement.

Have a glammed-up side of you but scared of showing it off to the entire world on your wedding day? Instead of making all your decorations pop with gunmetal colors, ask your bridal party to pick a metallic-colored shoe and you do the same. It'll make for some awesome pictures and also be nicely hidden under your dress when you want it to be.

3. Toss it into your color palette.

Instead of doing matchy-matchy bridesmaid dresses, have your bridal party pick a dress that suits them best that's in the metallic color scheme. Add metallic to your overall color palette and include a spark of rose gold shimmer to make your centerpieces and your wedding details stand out.

4. Go with it on your invitations.

Kick off your wedding with bold invitations that will stand out on people's refrigerators, where they will live for a few months. Mix and match metallic colors and don't be afraid to play with typography to give your invitations a fun and playful vibe.

5. Get a head start.

I'm talking about your veil. Use a metallic hair clip to keep your veil steady on your head. If you're skipping the traditional veil, opt for a headband or headpiece made of metallic metals.