Mercury Is In Cancer, And It's The Reason You're Feeling Sensitive AF Right Now

by Rosey Baker
Nabi Tang

Mercury has been in Cancer since June 21, and we should all be looking forward to next week, on July 6, when it finally moves into the fun, outgoing, playful sign of Leo.

Mercury in Cancer suggests that our minds and intellect (Mercury) will be under the influence of our emotional subconscious thoughts and patterns (Cancer). Our thoughts have been strongly affecting our emotions and vice-versa.

It's not fun. In fact, it's unmanageable. We have f*cking lives to live, and we need logic on our side. I don't know when the universe is going to get the message, but we don't all have time to go around processing feelings all day long and crying about it.

If you've been experiencing any of the following symptoms since the 21st of June, blame the planet of communication (Mercury) for its movement into the weepy, watery, sensitive sign of Cancer.

Ugh. Does anyone have a tissue? I'm getting worked up just thinking about this.

Feeling Trapped In A Web Of Emotion


Mercury in Cancer can make being objective an impossibility. We lose our ability to remain detached, and we may slip unknowingly into our subconscious fears.

It's as though some childlike version of ourselves is running the show, and in spite of the fact that we are in the middle of a work meeting, we can't keep the feelings inside. If you're not a crier, you've probably felt pretty out-of-control with the amount of weeping you've been doing lately.

Even those of us who love a good cry from time to time might be feeling like, "OK universe, I'm all set with this now," and before we know it, we've got another bucketload of tears pouring out of our faces.

Mental Fog


You might be feeling a little bit of intellectual withdrawal, with all the meditative reflection you've been doing lately.

Mercury in Cancer tends to throw us into a place of revisiting childhood wounds, whether we want to or not. Did the deli guy f*ck up your order again? Ugh! He's basically your mother coming back to haunt you with her inability to listen to your needs.

Having all the sensitivity of a millennial's toothache can make logical decision-making a problem. You might feel as if your emotions could be clouding the issues you're trying to work through.

You'd be right. Now is not exactly the time to make any major life decisions, as it can be hard to tell if you're being led by fear or love. Instead, focus on feeling out the answer, taking a more step-by-step approach to solving problems.

Deep Conversations


You can count on one thing during this time: the people in your life will be a constant. Mercury in Cancer supports our relationships with friends and families.

Conversations will involve a lot of self-evaluation, aided by those who know us deeply, and you'll most likely be playing a supportive role in the lives of your closest friends as well.

When Mercury is in Cancer, it's easy to take things personally, but the softening, sensitive influence of the Cancer sign enables us to communicate some harsher truths in a more nurturing way.

You'll find it easy to pick up on people's emotions in conversations and to step into their shoes. You might step into someone else's shoes so fully that you lose track of which shoes you belong in: your own.

My best advice is to take a deep breath, let those tears flow, and throw on The Fault In Our Stars. Get it all out now.