7 Men's Fashion Trends From The Early '00s We Hope Never Make A Comeback

by Alexis DiZenzo
Paramount Pictures

Although the '90s and early '00s ultimately shaped our culture for the better, there are aspects of that time era we hope never make a comeback. I would totally be OK with a Backstreet Boys or *NSYNC reunion, and the boy bands making a comeback. However, I don't totally miss their style.

Ladies, if a guy does not have his look together, you know there is probably no chance you are going to approach him. Thankfully, men have caught on to this, and they have set high standards on what to wear and what not to wear.

The decade of double denim everything, rose-tinted who knows what and enough sportswear to actually make me what to go to the gym every day is long over. However, these fashion mishaps will unfortunately haunt us forever.

Say a prayer or two that these trends never return:

1. Visors

How a baseball hat with the top sliced off was ever considered a fashion statement is beyond me. Isn't the point of a hat to keep your entire face and head protected from the strong UV rays of the summer sun? Who thought it was OK to defeat the purpose of a hat and create a visor? Not even Eminem could pull this look off, and he was able to make double denim look OK at the time.

2. Frosted Tips

There isn't a single picture from the '90s or '00s of a heartthrob celebrity with frosted tips that I can look at without getting uncomfortable. Why was this ever allowed? I don't care how attractive you are (this includes you, JT), frosted tips can never come back. OK?

3. Cargo Trousers

I honestly don't know which is worse: cargo trousers or gaucho pants for women. If you don't remember what gaucho pants are, consider yourself lucky. I unfortunately owned too many pairs to even speak of.

Cargo trousers made it acceptable for men to look like they were being sent to a factory on the daily, and they weirdly had one too many pockets in the strangest areas. Unfortunately, our favorite boy bands of the time were guilty of wearing these hideous pants.

4. Chain Wallets

These were for skater boys who wanted to make it known that their cash flow began at the end of that chain. It was also a tactic to avoid getting pickpocketed. Whatever works, right? Wrong. Wallets belong in your pocket, not hanging from a rusty metal chain.

5. Bowl Hair Cuts With The Middle Part

I actually don't know which makes me more uncomfortable: the hair cut that causes you to mistake a 19-year-old for a 9-year-old boy or the frosted tips. There was absolutely nothing attractive about this look, other than the fact it took about 10 years off your life (if you want to consider that attractive).

6. Baggy Jeans

These were typically seen paired with Timberland boots or a denim jacket, but either way, baggy jeans are a no. We live for guys with nice asses today. So, why did we have think a saggy ass in double denim with clunky work boots was OK?

7. Barbed Wire Tattoos

Tattoos can add such a beautiful piece of art to the body when there is meaning and thought behind it. Men of the '90s and '00s honestly had amazing bodies. They weren't too jacked to the point where they looked like they could pop, and they had just enough muscle you could grab on to. Explain to me why men thought etching a strange squiggly line around their biceps was ever OK. Please, I'm dying to know.