I Love My Comfort Zone: Why Being Comfortable Doesn't Make You Boring

by Candice Jalili

If one more person challenges me to break out of my comfort zone, I am going to lose my sh*t.

I don’t judge you for leaving everyone who cares about you to backpack around God-knows-where. So how about you stop judging me for doing what makes me happy?!

I have fantastic friends, an absurdly close family, a Tempur-Pedic mattress AND Egyptian cotton sheets. I’m happy. I’m not just content. I’m really, really truly happy.

I've traveled, I've met other people, and I’m here to tell you that my comfort zone is still the place for me.

Before you take on that condescending tone and try to explain all the ways in which my life is not complete because I’m not "spreading my wings and flying," read this list and give my point of view a fair chance.

It takes hard work to create a solid comfort zone.

My best relationships laid the foundation for my comfort zone. I am my most comfortable when I am surrounded by the people I love most.

This didn’t just happen one day. I didn’t just wake up in this world with fantastic relationships to fall back on.

My dad and I didn’t develop our shared love of Mafia movies and gourmet food the moment I popped out the womb. I didn’t decide to spill my entire life story to my best friend the day we met in the seventh grade.

None of my relationships happened overnight. They took time. They are my life’s work. I have no intention of abandoning them for a “new adventure.” They are enough for me.

Your comfort zone is an extension of your intuition.

Anyone who’s ever taken any sort of self-defense class has heard the first piece of advice: Listen to your intuition.

More often than not, your gut knows before you do if something is off. By the same token, your gut knows when something is right. It knows when you’ve got a good thing going.

Your comfort zone is comprised solely of what makes you feel really and truly good. It's you listening to your body and what feels wrong in pursuit of what feels right.

We do all sorts of things to keep ourselves safe. We carry pepper spray, we install alarm systems, and we install three locks on our doors. Why can’t we just take this one extra precaution?

Embracing your comfort zone is respecting yourself.

Embracing your comfort zone means knowing your boundaries. It's knowing what you will and won’t do, where you will and won’t go, and who you will and won’t associate yourself with.

It takes an immense amount of maturity to recognize what your boundaries are -- and an even greater deal of confidence to adhere to them.

A person who lives in his or her own comfort zone is a person with a deep sense of self and an unwillingness to compromise.

Your comfort zone is a sure thing in a world full of uncertainties.

Life is scary and full of unknowns. You never know when the next chapter is approaching, and you never know what that chapter is will entail. But there will always be ONE thing you do know.

And what is that? It's the immensely reassuring knowledge that there really is a place out there where you feel totally and completely safe -- despite all of the twists and turns life throws at you.

It's more than just a place; it's a feeling. It's a feeling of complete certainty in a world where everything else is unknown.

Living in your comfort zone does not make you boring.

Have you ever not been into a guy until you saw him with his close friends, when all of the sudden you became a million times more attracted to him? He stops being the slightly boring hot guy you've been using to pass the time.

He’s a real person with a life of his own. He’s confident and comfortable and totally hilarious, and you just wish you could be around that version of him all the time.

Being in your comfort zone shouldn’t make you boring. It should bring out the truest version of yourself. It is where you feel comfortable and confident. It's where the people who love you the most let you be truly and utterly yourself.

There is nothing boring about that. In fact, I would go so far as to say that embracing your comfort zone takes a certain level of confidence: You know what makes you happy, and you don’t need to try new things in an attempt to make your life more satisfying or interesting.

Comfort is subjective.

A popular misconception is that living in your comfort zone means staying in one place and refusing to try anything new.

While my comfort zone is pretty "traditional" (I like to stay in one place with my close friends and family), my best friend is most comfortable when she’s in a completely new environment with nobody she knows.

To me, living in your comfort zone means living the life that puts you most at ease.

Everybody has a different idea of what "comfortable" means. I say we should all try to live life by our own respective definitions of the term. F*ck chasing dreams. Let’s chase comfort.

Your comfort zone is exactly where you want to be.

Everything in life comes with the knowledge that it will end. Sorry for the dark turn, but it’s true. Nothing lasts forever.

So what are you going to do with your short time here? You’re gonna make the most of it! You’re going to spend it with the people you love, doing the things you love, in the place(s) you love. In other words, you’re gonna spend it in your comfort zone.

We get one only life to live. Why shouldn’t we make it the one that puts us wholly at ease?