This Is How You Lose All Your Inhibitions Without Getting Drunk

by Joe Elvin

Increased self-confidence, improved social skills, no worries about your appearance, your problems or what other people think of you are just some of the things alcohol helps strip away. However, imagine being able to access all the benefits of being drunk without ever buying an alcoholic beverage. I learned how to do it, and I've never been happier.

I've had no more hangovers, I've made no more dumb decisions and I haven't woken up with an empty wallet. This clean buzz I taught myself to cultivate feels way better than being wasted, and it's also improved several aspects of my personality. The method? Let's call it "flow."

The Key To Eliminating Your Inhibitions

The great thing about getting drunk is we eliminate our inhibitions. We all want to stop feeling self-conscious, and drinking is the simplest solution. With flow, you'll do it sober.

Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi wrote a well-known book on this sensation. He describes "flow" as a state of complete focus, often experienced during enjoyable, yet challenging activities.

Sports. Games. Musical instruments. If it stretches us in some way, we can become engrossed. And when we're in that sweet spot, it's as if nothing else exists. All fears and insecurities outside the activity fade into irrelevance. Self-awareness dissipates.

So, how can you find your flow? Csikszentmihalyi says it's commonly found completing tasks with clear goals, feedback and a fair amount of difficulty. Concentration and control over the outcome are also key.

Finding Your Flow In Drinking Environments

I find my flow in drinking environments by doing what most blokes are there to do anyway: Meet beautiful women. Most single men arrive at these venues hoping they'll take home a hottie, yet only a handful take serious action to try and achieve this.

But there's so much enjoyment to be taken by treating seduction like a sport. By attempting to take a woman home by the end of the night, we're playing what best-selling author Neil Strauss calls "The Game."

Finding this flow feels like being drunk, but without drinking. It's initially nerve-wracking. That's natural. Some women will be mean. That's unavoidable. Still, if you push past that and start speaking with more and more of them, you'll understand how to find that flow state. Soon enough, you'll actually enjoy the adrenaline spike of approaching a stranger. The unpredictability of handling her reactions and the intricate social skills needed to overcome her objections will thrill you. It checks all Czyskimayaki's boxes.

Add the natural buzz that comes with acting charismatically, the joys of joking around with random people and the thrill of flirting with beautiful women and you can even experience an ecstatic, care-free, super-sociable state that feels just like being drunk.

But why do this sober? Sober seduction is healthier and saves money, but the main benefit is the skills you'll learn, such as:

1. You'll reduce all anxiety associated with approaching strangers.

2. You'll become far less affected by other people's opinions.

3. You'll find out how to have more fun than anyone else in the club.

Why? Because if you're boring, anxious or approval-seeking around the women you're meeting, they typically won't want to speak for very long.

Women have been hit on by thousands of men. They tend to be ruthless when things aren't going well. So, if you're not used to speaking to strangers while sober, expect your fair share of car crashes early on. Stick with it, though, and you'll become stronger. You'll remember what went wrong. You'll improve with every party you attend. You'll get better at seducing beautiful women, and you won't need a drink to boost your confidence.

It's Not All About The Sex

For most dudes, this will be the main incentive to get "drunk without drinking." It's why I started, and the standard of women I sleep with has been skyrocketing ever since. It's actually quite startling. But sometimes, when I'm playing this game, the quest of getting the girl is better than the sex (sometimes).

This flow state is my favorite feeling to experience. It's made me who I am today. I've become more sociable, I'm better at self-amusing, I've been on crazy adventures and made amazing friends. The benefits are endless.

This is not all about fishnet shirts and negging, like in Neil Strauss' famous book. It's about pure fun and self-improvement. And I'd definitely take that over downing a few pints every weekend.