10 Ways A Libra Will Provide Balance To Any Friendship

by Ia Tserodze

With October upon us, it's officially Libra season.

Unless you, much like Paris Hilton, can dedicate an entire TV show to finding a best friend, we are here to help you (at least zodiac sign-wise).

Whether you're a Scorpio, an Aries, a Virgo or an Aquarius, you are destined to find balance with our harmonious scales.

The following are merely a few drops in the ocean of perks that befriending a Libra can offer:

1. Fashion advice

They know it all: colors that are trending during the fall, the newest designers that emerged during the previous fashion week and the looks that have been brought back for the upcoming season.

You can count on their elegant, up-to-date fashion sense any time you wish to borrow their clothing (which they will only be happy to lend you).

2. Social life

Libras are natural communicators. Socializing for them is a basic human need.

Whenever you go see a movie with them or enjoy a nice afternoon over a cup of coffee at a local café, there is going to be an acquaintance they will run into.

Even though them having 1,000 more Instagram followers than you might seem annoying at times, their easygoing nature will never leave you without pleasant company.

3. Concord

Don't you worry about drama over coming home on time or choosing the right destination for spring break.

Don't feel uneasy about asking for that last piece of chocolate cake.

Libras value peace and harmony above all other matters. They will avoid conflict at all costs.

4. Decisions

Because of Libras' famous quality of being indecisive, you can be the deciding factor.

Unless, of course, you are also indecisive. Then, both of you will probably be stuck in a maze of choices for several hours.

(Hint: If this is the case, call your Leo friend.)

5. Charm

No matter the place, time or surrounding people, as long as you are alongside a Libra, you can count on being in the center of attention.

The scales are believed to be born with a special, magical charm that hypnotizes people.

Hang out with a Libra for a certain period of time, and you will get your own spotlight soon enough.

6. Diplomacy

You will never have to deal with problems concerning your old high-school friend accidentally liking your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend's status on Facebook ever again.

Your Libra best friend, a natural problem-solver, will dissolve the tension in no time.

7. Adventure

Libras are keen on traveling.

Don't get too cozy in your room, as you are about to unite with a Libra in his or her constant pursuit of quests and breakthrough discoveries.

But rest assured: Libras will solely take you to a place that is as comfortable (if not more) than the room you just left.

8. Sensitivity

Even though some might see sensitivity as a downfall, Libras are certainly not afraid to portray their feelings.

You will never be left guessing the true meaning of their poker face, because the very notion of such as expression is unknown to them.

Because of their sincerity about their emotions, Libras find it easy to relate to other people's struggles and challenges.

This perhaps makes them the most sympathetic and compassionate of the 12 signs.

9. Art

Libras are known to be artistic souls. They seek to find a muse, and often become a muse for somebody else.

Whenever you're in dire need of a stimulus, you can count on a Libra to suggest an inspirational song or write you an impromptu motivational poem.

10. Justice

They live their lives being just and fair.

Therefore, they will undeniably stay loyal to you until the very end.