3 Reasons The Law Of Attraction Isn't Helping You Get What You Want

by Daniel Simms

Ever since the movie, "The Secret," came out, the law of attraction has been taking the personal development industry by a storm. It should come as no surprise, either.

Who would turn down the promise of riches for the price of only thinking about being rich? I believe the law of attraction works, but there are three things you need to know before you start manifesting the life you dream about:

1. It's not the law of laziness.

The biggest problem most people have with the law of attraction is they don't understand that it doesn't rid you of your need to work hard. If you simply sit, think and believe you will come into wealth and abundance, you're doing it wrong.

We are not paid for our time. We are paid for our service. This principle is for another article entirely, but the main point here is this: No one will pay you for sitting around and believing you'll be successful. That's not how it works.

What most people don't understand about the law of attraction is how it works logically. When you focus on something intently, the Reticular Activating System (RAS) of your brain recognizes that there is something important you are focusing on.

So, what does it do? It focuses more on that thing you're thinking about.

When you think and believe all day long that opportunities will come your way for you to earn more money, find the perfect spouse or whatever it is that you desire, your mind actively begins to look for those things. Basically, the law of attraction helps you identify opportunities. But you still have to take them.

2. It doesn't help you learn.

Here's a question for you: If you knew how to earn $1 million a year, would you? Most people would answer "yes" to that question. So, the issue at hand for most people is they don't know how to reach their goals.

I learned very soon after becoming an entrepreneur that you can accomplish anything you want in life in three steps: decide, learn and do. Lots of people know how to make committed decisions, but then what? After you decide what you want, you need to learn how to get it.

The law of attraction often tricks people into thinking some kind of energy will help them figure things out. I'll make your life easier by giving you some advice: It won't.

You need to do your research and, more importantly, spend time learning how to reach your goal. The decision is the easy part. Then comes the work.

3. It really does work.

I know what you're thinking: The reason it doesn't work is because it does?

Yes, basically. The law of attraction works, although not quite like most people think it does.

Your mind really does attract things to it: ideas, feelings, wishes, dreams, strategies for achieving goals and opportunities. It also sends out energy, just like you've heard before. So, one of the biggest reasons it isn't working for you might be because you're using it incorrectly.

Do you ever find yourself thinking, "Why isn't the law of attraction bringing me what I want?" If you do think this -- or anything negative like it -- you're sending out negative energy.

So, what you can you expect to get in return? That's right. Instead, make sure you're constantly sending out and searching for positive energy. It really does work, so use it to your advantage.

Now that you know why the law of attraction hasn't been working for you, get out there and use it correctly. Uncover opportunities, take them, learn how to achieve your goals and always stay positive.