Keep It Up: 4 Reasons Why Showing Off Your Dad Bod Is Awesome

by Alex Vance

Hold on just a second.

You’re telling me, the latest collection of photos to sweep the digital world are of slightly tubby men, shamelessly flaunting their untrimmed body hair and noticeably flabby midsections?

Well played, men of the Internet. Well played.

#DadBod is the latest trend to sweep the social media community, and it’s actually pretty awesome. (Check out some prime examples.)

It’s a refreshingly honest, completely vulnerable and light-hearted approach to showcasing the common male body type.

These fearless (and often hilarious) men are are fully embracing who they are, boldly showing off their imperfections and gaining our much-deserved respect in the process.

The guys with dad bods are not exactly out of shape, but not exactly in shape, either.

They often rock a slight beer gut and show their complete lack of understanding when it comes to the concept of “manscaping.” But, it’s actually pretty cool -- here’s why:

The desire to be “perfect,” no matter how unattainable, is that pesky thorn stuck in the side of each and every one of us, regardless of gender.

In a population that idolizes seemingly flawless celebrities, it can be pretty damn difficult for the rest of us mere mortals to muster up any trace of self-confidence.

Generally, women bear the brunt of all this unnecessary judgment, which, unfortunately, can make it easy to overlook the unfair ideals in place for the men of the world.

I think what we tend to forget is the male generation is under just as much pressure to achieve a completely unachievable physical appearance.

Men, we feel you. We know how much it sucks to be judged based on how toned your tummies are, or how many times a day you hit the gym.

(Side note: Yesterday, it was zero, and I also ate a slice of pizza. Am I even allowed to write this article?)

Ultimately, this is why #DadBod is one of the best trends to grace our social media platforms lately.

The guys who take the risk of exposing their unflattering physiques are doing the exact opposite of what social media has previously taught us: Normal, imperfect bodies don’t deserve to be admired.

Why not poke a little fun, right?

To all the men sharing their dad bods, I say "kudos."

You clearly have the confidence, sense of humor and balls to prove you’re comfortable with the way you look, and fully grasp that today’s impossible standards of physical attractiveness should be taken with a grain of salt.

Here are four pretty obvious reasons why showing off your dad bod is awesome, and you should probably keep it up:

1. You Clearly Eat Pizza and That’s Sexy as Hell

There is nothing more seductive than those three little words every woman is dying to hear: “I have pizza.”

Men who are willing to put their unfit bodies on the Internet are clearly lovers of all things food. They laugh in the faces of salad-eaters, and vow to never skimp on the good sh*t!

Why don’t we all just admit we’d gladly swap kale and fruit for deep dish and donuts on a daily basis if it wouldn’t lead to cardiac arrest?

I’m not sure why we’ve decided to make eating pizza some taboo act, instead of embracing the sheer magic it infuses into our lives.

We’re too “ashamed” to admit we ate five slices of pizza instead of going for a run, but the guys displaying their dad bods give zero f*cks.

Honestly, I’d rather hang out with those guys, not the ones salivating over their totally boring protein shakes.

2. You’re Probably an Awesome Corn Hole Partner

Guys with dad bods are evidently all about having fun, and with the warmer weather finally showing face, they’re anxiously cleaning the cobwebs off their grills and corn hole boards.

As someone who lacks the finely-tuned skill of accurately tossing a bean bag at a giant wooden board, I am constantly on the lookout for someone who’s proudly turned it into an art form.

A large portion of dad bod photos appear to take place on a beach somewhere, meaning there’s more than likely a corn hole board near by (#winning).

So, to the Doc Hollidays of summertime drinking activities, let me just say, “I’m your huckleberry.” (No, really, pick me.)

3. You Have Best Kind of Six Pack

No, I don’t mean your abs (duh). We know wherever the guys with dad bods go, there’s probably a trail of crushed beer cans not far behind.

You have the kind of six pack that brings out your “drive the car” dance moves and “phenomenal” karaoke skills that make you the life of the party.

Your idea of exercise means 12-ounce bicep curls with whatever brew is included in the happy hour special.

Who wouldn’t want to be best friends with you?!

You don’t care about rock-hard abs; you care about rocking out Bonnie Tyler’s “Total Eclipse of the Heart” or Guns N’ Roses' “Sweet Child O’ Mine” in between tequila shots.

Honestly, you are all of us inside; the difference is you’re willing to let that freak flag fly, while the rest of us remain awkward onlookers, usually sipping on vodka and Diet Coke. (Or, possibly, vodka and soda -- which has fewer calories?)

4. You Don’t Give a Sh*t About What Other People Think

This goes without saying, but it’s the most redeeming quality of those who proudly display their dad bods for all types of judgmental trolls on the Internet.

You #nofilter the hell out of your photos and send a message that says, “Hey, why the hell would I care about my abs when I can balance this beer can on my belly like a champ?!”

Not only do you scoff at any negative feedback, but also genuinely couldn’t care less. You’re happy with yourself, regardless of that little layer of flab. That’s a quality we should all strive to preserve.

You maintain the mentality that women can either “like it or leave it” when it comes your physical appearance, and that’s a pretty badass way to live life.

Keep on doing you, all you dad bod models out there. It’s entertaining, it’s daring and, incidentally, it really makes me want a beer.