It's Time To Get Away: 9 Signs Your Wanderlust Is Calling

by Lauren Martin

Life can get pretty damn monotonous. On the road to figuring out who we are, we find ourselves becoming victims of routine. Our lives become about habits and schedules and we stop seeing the world in front of us. We live for the days, weeks and months ahead. We let the stress of our jobs, homes and relationships wear us down until we can no longer see the beauty in our daily life.

Some of you may live in the greatest cities in the world, yet you have been around them so long you’ve become blind to their awe. You are no longer inspired or enthralled by the buildings and the sights around you. You refuse to see what people travel oceans to visit. Your world has become dull and your soul aches for something new.

These are all the signs that it’s time to get away.

It’s time to take a break, or maybe shake things up for good. It's time to get out of town and experience something new. It's time to take that trip to Europe you've been planning for sixteen years or visit your friends in Spain who've now stopped inviting you.

Maybe you’ll move to Hawaii and live on the ocean for a year. You could go to Paris and write for the next six months with the money you’ve been saving. Or maybe you just need a vacation. How’s a week in Bermuda sound? Or maybe Africa?

Either way, it's time to get out. It's time to ignite the senses again and remember all the wonderful things in life. It's time to rattle things up, open your mind, change the scenery.

It’s good for the soul and necessary for your health. If you're feeling uninspired, depressed or just completely fed up with life, it's time you re-evaluated things from the hotel of some foreign land with nothing but sunsets and sunrises in front of you.

It's time to stop saying that you will plan a trip later. It's time to pack up now, to listen to your aching soul and restless mind. Because what good is later after you've had a nervous breakdown?

You’re Fighting With People You Love

You’re fighting with them because you’ve been around them too long. You need to take a break for yourself and for those around you. Maybe the both of you need a break and it's the tension of needing to get away that is making you fight. Either way it’s time to get away (together or apart) for the sake of your relationship.

You’re Tired Of Your Walk Home

When the sidewalk becomes heavy against your feet and the buildings start to mock rather than inspire you, it’s time to leave. Your walks should be about enjoying what’s around you, they should be a peaceful and anticipated time of day. They are the moments you look up and can't believe you're here. You need to leave to appreciate the intricate molding on your favorite building again.

You Think Time Couldn't Go Any Slower

When you’re excited and happy the days fly by with a scary force. But when you’re tired and bored, they seem to drag with the weight of every passing second. It's that feeling when Monday hits and you don’t think you will physically be able to get through another work week. These are signs that your batteries are fading and you need to recharge. Your brain is tired and your mind aches for a rest.

You No Longer Feel Inspired

What’s the point of waking up every morning if something isn’t going to inspire you? That’s the whole point to life, isn’t it? Go to Italy and let the food take your breath away. Let the beaches of Rio feed your hungry soul and the art of Paris make you believe in love again. Find something to inspire you and keep that inspiration until it's time to find another.

You Are Constantly Restless

A restless soul is a pain that can only be cured with change. One must be willing to get away and find a sense of peace somewhere else to settle the soul back home. Travel until you long for the comforts of home and desire the monotony of life. Only then will your soul be at rest... at least for a short while.

Your Mind Is Never On Your Work

When you’re constantly thinking about everything but work, it’s usually because your body wants to be somewhere else, along with your mind. You smell crêpes and all you think about are French bistros and Nutella for half the morning. Do your boss a favor and get away so you can come back ready to concentrate.

You Don’t Sleep Well

Insomnia is many times a sign of a restless soul. The best way to get back to sleep is to tire the mind. Overload it with new sights and sounds. Appease your aching heart that lies awake at night, yearning for something more. Stuff it until it's so full that all it can do is sleep.

You No Longer Find Beauty In Your Favorite Things

The simple pleasures don’t do it for you anymore. The mystique and beauty have faded from your favorite things and you find everything dull, overused. This is a case of being too close. Step away, find something else to inspire and attract you, then come back to see the beauty in the things you missed for so long.

You See Your Life As Increasingly Less Important

If you are finding yourself in a rut, unable to find meaning and substance in your life, get out of town. Meet new people, see new things and discover a new part of yourself. The only way to add meaning to your life is to add experience. Become a more well-rounded, adventurous person. Be wild, untameable and free for as long as possible.