Why It's Okay To Let Things Go In Life

by Kendall Wood

Letting go of the past is the only way to move forward. So many of us cling to past regret, mistakes made, people lost and steps never taken. Why are we lingering on what could have been, when we have what could be to look forward to? Letting go of the past frees us of so many emotions that hold us back from growing into the person we're supposed to be.

Letting go doesn't mark some definite moment in time that you finally release something from your life, only for it to never return in mind or physicality. It's a positive step toward a promising future, accepting the past for what it is and recognizing that things cannot be changed. No matter what you're leaving behind, letting go is the only way to move on.

Holding onto regret of past mistakes made or chances you chose not to take is restricting you from opportunities in the present. Why agonize over the past? It is just that -- the past. Stop wondering what if. You are torturing yourself pondering possibilities of what could have been different if you changed the way that you did this or that.

You learned a lesson from an experience. Once the lesson is learned, there is nothing further to take away from this experience. If other people were involved, they acted at their own will -- you cannot control others and the way that they act or react. The way it played out was by virtue and it's now in the past. Let go of it. There is no changing the past, so stop looking back at it.

Dealing with the loss of a loved one is an unexplainable battle. While mourning someone's death is completely healthy and likely the only way to truly cope, some people are unable to reach acceptance. Holding onto grief will drag you down both mentally and physically. It's okay to let go. Understand that your loved one is in a better place, and they would want you to move forward with your life.

It sometimes feels impossible to let go of a past love. When a relationship comes to an end, you might find it hard to let go of hope that you might find your way back to one another. It's important, though, that at the end of any relationship, you take the time to accept its ending and become happy with yourself. You must first love yourself, before you can love another.

On another note, if your past love has chosen to leave you in the dust, then f*ck them! If it's that easy for someone to let you go, then the relationship is not worth your time and energy. Choosing to let go of a past love does not mean forgetting about all of the good that they brought into your life, rather, it's choosing to cherish those memories and move on to experience better ones. Quit dwelling on the loss of a lover and enjoy your freedom.

The only positive thing to hold onto in this life is hope for better days ahead. The lessons learned in the past and acceptance of the way things are today have molded you into the person that you are. No matter where you've been, what you've done or what/whom you no longer have, the clock keeps ticking and the world continues to move around you. It's okay to let go.