This Is What You Need To Know If You Think You've Become A Bridezilla

Hey there, bride-to-be. Do me a favor, OK? Get up. Go to the mirror and eyeball your reflection. How in the world are you doing?

Bet you're a little stressed. Perhaps so anxious that it's impossible to sleep for more than three hours straight every night before waking up in a pile of your own sweat because you just had another bad dream that you'll wake up on your wedding day and your dress will suddenly be three sizes too small.

Let me make something very clear to you, planning a wedding sucks. It truly does. Anyone who tries to tell you differently, that tries to tell you that the nine months of planning is an overall sweet and joyous occasion that you'll remember for the rest of your life, is lying to you. They're either heavily medicated or paying a lot of money for a highly-skilled wedding planning who is taking care of every single detail for them.

Those people, my friend, are the same people who will go through childbirth and tell you it was a pleasant experience.

But no matter how out of sorts your pre-wedding experience is becoming, there is no excuse, no reason, no justification for you to become a full-fledged, stage-five bridezilla. I don't blame you if you do. Your life is probably all wedding, all the time.

You're probably sick of obsessing over the color of the tablecloths you'll pick for your reception and the song you'll shake your tail feather to for your first dance with your dad. You're probably on the verge of screaming at your bridal party because no matter how many times you tell them they need to wear a blush bridesmaid dress, they still send you screenshots of dresses that are peach or cream.

You may even be constantly rolling your eyes at your fiancé who, even though he means the best, he wants to help out when he can, has not even a clue how much of a headache this whole wedding planning thing is. He probably believes you just buy a package or press some kind of button and BAM. Your wedding looks like it just got printed off Pinterest or is worthy of being on the front page of some hip wedding blog that all modern brides-to-be read like the Bible.

You're looking at yourself in the mirror, right? Good. Now chances are you've raised your voice, you've made extremely outrageous requests to your bridesmaids, your fiancé, even your wedding vendors, without thinking anything of it. Even if you think you've controlled these brewing bridezilla moments and quit before you've unleashed your inner wedding beast, parts of it, without a doubt, have leaked out.

So do yourself another favor, okay? Apologize to the people closest to you. Let them know you're sorry if you've stepped out of line. Fill them in on what your world looks like at the moment, which is probably a file of color-coded Excel sheets and a desktop with unreadable wedding contracts.

Then check yourself, before you wreck yourself. Whenever you have a wedding conversation, make a wedding decision or have a wedding breakdown moment, take a deep breath.

Remind yourself that this should all be fun, not perfect. Keep saying that out loud to yourself. Fun, not perfect. Let it become your pre-wedding mantra. Because it's true. Nothing is perfect. Not you, not your wedding, not your transformation back down to earth from bridezilla land. Remember that.