Hibernating Is For The Bears: 8 Ways To Keep Your Summer Bod In Winter

Here’s the situation: Sunny summer days and weekends by the beach motivate you to actually get out of bed for your 6 am spin class, choose a salad for lunch over the burrito that’s calling your name and make sure you’re plenty hydrated.

I mean, if you’re going to see and be seen, you want to look your best in your two-piece.

Then, fall comes. Sunny days turn into overcast chillers with waning daylight hours. All you want to do is snuggle under your covers while watching a "House of Cards" marathon and indulging in lo mein. I get it.

You’re no longer flaunting it on the beach, so your motivation to stay in shape is tossed aside, as you add more layers to your wardrobe.

It’s too cold in the morning to get out of bed, so you skip another workout. Then, you catch that pesky cold that’s been floating around the office, and all you see are months ahead of bulky sweaters, snow boots and Christmas cookies.

Before you know it, you’re up those 10 pounds you worked so hard to shed last spring, your energy is zilch and you tell yourself you’ll deal with it once the New Year rolls around.

Sound familiar? Make this year different.

Just because the days get shorter and temperatures approach zero, doesn’t mean your healthy intent should vanish. It’s definitely harder to lose weight than to put it on.

To prevent drastic New Years resolutions come 2016, here are eight ways to maintain your summer bod all winter long:

1. Translate summer habits into winter ones.

If you were snacking on cherries instead of M&Ms this summer, there's no need to quit when a winter gust sweeps in. Find a seasonal alternative to your healthy hot weather habits.

Maybe you can't go for a walk after dinner, but you can do push ups, squats and crunches during commercials.

2. Make healthy comfort food swaps.

I get it; all you want when the weather cools is hearty and heavy meals, but your figure (and health) won't thank you for that.

To avoid adding cozy insulation to your bod, satisfy comfort cravings while maintaining your svelte summer figure by making a few healthy swaps.

Try broth-based soups, veggie-heavy meals and lightened up comfort foods like lentil bolognese, chili or banana bread muffins.

3. Nama-stay out of bed!

On freezing winter mornings, it’s hard to pass up a snuggle sesh with your new beau over your early morning workout, but staying active is essential to maintaining your summer bod all winter long.

I know I’m more likely to walk 30 blocks on a sunny day that begs me to be outdoors, than on a gloomy day when my fingertips feel like they’re going to fall off.

Without even realizing, you’re probably more active during warmer weather, so step up to the challenge of maintaining your active lifestyle all winter long.

Try running the stairs in your apartment building, renting workout DVDs from the library or investing in a workout streaming service, all without leaving the comfort of home.

4. Wear your bathing suit underneath your bulky sweater.

Don’t judge it until you try it. It’s not that different from your bra and underwear, but having that reminder may just give you the push you need to grab a salad instead of pizza for lunch.

Just maybe don’t tell anyone else you’re doing it.

5. Put it on paper.

Examining your eating habits under a magnifying glass may be just what you need to clean up your afternoon snacking habit.

Studies show keeping a food diary can double your weight loss, so imagine what it can do when you’re simply trying to maintain your weight.

6. Just keep sipping.

We all mistake thirst for hunger, so next time you reach for a late night snack, try guzzling a glass of H2O first.

Staying hydrated in summer months may seem more important, but it’s just as essential to sip sufficient fluids in frigid temps. Adequate hydration is key to revving your metabolism.

7. Reward yourself.

It’s basic psych 101 that we’ll work hard for a reward we want.

Feeling confident while strutting down the beach like it’s your runway may be reward enough, but a more tangible reward — like those new workout pants you’ve been eyeing — can keep you on track all winter long.

Choose your goal and reward, write them down and treat yourself when all is said and done.

8. Be motivated by your health, not just the number on the scale.

If your healthy eating habits fall by the wayside this winter, you’ll know before the numbers catch up if you’re attune to your energy levels.

Use your requirement for an afternoon latte, the number of sick days you take need and how you bounce back after a workout as ways to monitor your health, instead of just the number on your scale.