7 Ways To Build Your Confidence In Your 20s So You're Ready To Conquer Your 30s


Confidence is not the easiest quality to wear every day when you're facing the complexities of the world. We need it though, so we can get through life as gracefully and original as possible. Don't sleep on the impacting results of wearing and conquering the art of confidence. Practicing confidence in early adulthood will make you a trailblazing pioneer once you reach your 30s. You might be wondering exactly how to build your confidence in your 20s, so that you're living life to the fullest years down the line. It won't happen overnight, especially since we all experience digressing ourselves into what's simply expected at times.

Confidence is the solution to feeling entrapped by societal expectations. The world would be so boring if we were all the same, am I right? The trick about confidence is that we all wear it a little bit differently and give it our own definition. It's an innovative term that anyone can be privy to if they're trying to change their perspective of themselves. Confidence is not being cocky, it's being content with the amazing human being you have the potential to be every single day of your life. So, here are seven ways to build up your confidence in your 20s.

1. Experiment With Different Styles

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Again, confidence can definitely be seen and has a lot with how you view yourself. Experimenting with different styles and finding one that works for you is the first step for you to walk confidently anywhere you go. Styles may come and go, but your comfort should always be something that remains.

2. Add Self-Love To Your Daily Routine


Whether you have to read morning quotes about loving yourself or literally say it in the mirror when you wake up every day, expressing self-love is a must. Establishing a dedicated love and respect for yourself will allow you to accept nothing less from the world. Confidence starts with you, and love needs to be part of who you are.

3. Be Straightforward About Your Feelings

Being confident means not shying away from feelings that need to be addressed. If you're feeling them rationally, then why not get them out? Being direct about emotions doesn't make you mean or a bleeding heart; it makes you real.

4. Don't Compare Yourself To Other People

Everyone is different. Literally if you have to say that a million times, please do. The world is beautiful because of how different we are from the next person. You can be your own mural and still admire other paintings.

5. Accept Things That You Cannot Change

Accepting that there are times when you will not be able to control every situation is building your confidence. You're letting the universe unfold how it's supposed to and have assurance that you can handle whatever you're handed. Acceptance of unmanageable situations is your key to peace of mind.

6. Enjoy Your Own Company

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If you enjoy your own company, it's likely other people will too. You know what you have to offer a person when you're comfortable with your own company. Clearly, you're awesome.

7. Establish Your Own Definition Of Happiness

Confidence and happiness walk hand in hand. If you have one, you likely have the other. Once you've found and cherish your own definition of happiness, you can face anything confidently. Confidence really is something you have to build over time, but it's never too late. Life in your 20s can be the stepping stones so your 30s are a walk in the park.