Being Unemployed Doesn't Mean Being A Bum: How To Be Productively Unemployed

by Lauren Martin

Believe it or not, the recession still applies to the millennials and many of you have graduated from college and found yourself jobless and back at home. You're in a position that you thought you would never be in and it can be a rough transition.

Just because you are unemployed doesn't mean you should be wasting your time catching up on "Lost" in your parent's basement. This is a critical time in your life and you must use this free time to your advantage. Use this time to master skills that will get you hired for your ideal job.

Being unemployed doesn't have to be a disadvantage. It can be the necessary time off to explore your options and cultivate your skills. It should be a time for you to use to your advantage in order to find what you really want to do.

If you stay focused, this could be the most beneficial time of your life. So here's how to be productively unemployed.


Use this time to meet people and cultivate connections. You never know who you might meet at your friend's dad's retirement party.

 Cultivate Skills

If you have an idea of what your ideal job is, research the necessary skills and then gain them! If you want to work in advertising, become a beast at Photoshop. If you think you might want to get into film, buy Final Cut and start making movies.

 Find Hobbies

Use this time to find hobbies you otherwise wouldn't have time for. You never know, you might find something you really enjoy that could lead to a career path.

 Pick Up Odd jobs

It can't hurt to have a bucket list of references. So when your neighbor asks you to babysit, take the extra cash and make the connection.You never know when they might just feel like doing you a favor.

 Get In Shape

If you can't control your career, you may as well be in control of your body. Use this time to make all other aspects of your life better, including your body. You are going to feel a lot better if you have a tight ass to go with your sweatpants.

 Cultivate Family Relationships

Once you start working, you aren't going to have time to spend with la familia. They are important to your health and your mind and keep you grounded. Take the time to appreciate them and maybe help out around the house a bit. They did support you for all these years.

 Smoke Weed

You will most likely get drug tested at the next job you get. So use this time to enjoy the ganja. It's good for the soul and the mind.

 Go To Workshops

There is just about a workshop for anything. Whether you are dreaming of a career in screenwriting or carpentry, there is always a class you could be taking to stay ahead of the curve. This will keep your parents off your back and you will feel that much better about yourself.

 Get Cultured

You want as much in common with people as possible. Have stuff to say about art and politics. Become a productive member of society with ideas and knowledge about the world around you.

Make A Blog

These days, employers are middle-aged baby boomers who don't understand what a blog is. To them you will look like a fancy tech wizard. It's the perfect way to look like you're working without really working.

Get A Better Wardrobe

Use this time to get mom to take you to the mall for some classy work suits. Start dressing like someone who actually wants a job.

Top Photo Courtesy: Tumblr