20 Things Guys In Their 20s Should Have Started Yesterday To Prep For Summer


The cold weather is finally behind us, and Memorial Day weekend is right around the corner... which means summertime is not too far behind.

There's just about two months and some change to go before the start of everyone's favorite season.

You're probably already dreaming about it. The beaches, the good times, the prime outfits; summer is going to be good to you, especially if you're in your 20s.

Let's be real: The summer belongs to the young, wild and free.

But, if you're anything like the rest of our generation (aka, a procrastinator), you may have forgotten the most important part about enjoying the summer: actually prepping for it.

Make no mistake, if you don't properly make provisions, you'll probably have a mediocre summer, at best.

To avoid that, especially if you're a guy in your 20s, I suggest you make sure you've got your life together in all of these areas, ASAP.

1. Going to the gym

The clock is ticking, bro. You know there's no way you can go through the summer without taking your shirt off.

Get back to lifting now so you could at least have a fighting chance at looking respectable for MDW.

2. Following an actual game plan

When you DO get back in the gym, you should probably follow a set schedule.

You can literally Google any type of workout or class that suits your lifestyle. But, you definitely have to stick to a game plan, or else your workouts will feel directionless.

Next think you know, you've resigned yourself to sitting on the sand with a beer belly.

3. Taking in protein

Two months is plenty of time to see the progress.

4. Getting a new haircut

Major key right here: There are definitely certain styles that are better to try out in the summer, when the vibes are much looser than during the colder months.

Do some thinking about that now, and don't just wait until you're in the barber's chair.

5. Finalizing your wingman

Some days, you'll be with all of your boys. OK, great, but we all know there are situations where there can only be one guy by your side.

Don't even go through the confusion of rotating every day. Settle on who your main wingman is now.

6. Getting a wingwoman

Because let's face it, depending on the task, sometimes they're better.

7. Planning that vacation

Listen, you don't want to actually wait until half of your office is empty to be inspired to go somewhere -- by then, flights are going to be so expensive.

You might not think you'll want a vacation, but you will. Eventually, during the summer, that desire to get away always comes.

8. Growing your beard

The only way this would be bad advice is if I told you too late.


9. Securing your vacation days

While you're at it, you should request those days off now, because you'll never not look like a jerk trying to get a week off on short notice.

10. Figuring out that job situation

If you're not happy at work, you might want to solve that problem now.

Trying to score interviews with high-level employees at other companies at a time when they're on vacation (and when you want to be on vacation) is not exactly the smartest idea.

11. Networking

Knowing more people never hurts, especially when you know people, who know people, who know people who know where all the poppin' events are.

Get more names in that phone so you never miss a thing.

12. Updating your Instagram

What's the first thing that's going to happen after you meet people you're interested in? They're going to check out your Instagram. You might as well make sure it's lit now.

And I mean taking better pictures than this:


13. Saving money

Summer is the time we're most reckless.

You're out doing one thing, and get convinced to do another; that's just how it works. At least prepare your bank account for all the hits it's about to take.

14. Staying inside

You can't get lit ALL the time. Saving money actually requires being selective and turning down nights out.

Better to do that now, than when the really good events come around in the summer.

15. Visiting family

Go see mom, dad, auntie, uncle, your sisters, brothers, nieces and nephews now. Just do it. Literally anything fun to do can pop up during the summer.

You don't want your availability undermined by the fact that you have to spend a day with grandma for the first time in a year.

16. Updating your wardrobe

Your style has upgraded since the past year. You could either recognize that now, and fix the problem in advance, or realize it later, when you're running late for an event because you don't know what to wear.

17. Joining a league

Whatever you play -- basketball, soccer, whatever -- you know it's hard trying to find a full game on short notice in the summer.

Take care of that now and make sure you join a league, or at least find a reliable place to play.

If you don't, you know once that cold weather comes back you'll regret it.

18. Choosing a festival

... Which means a bunch of music festivals, obviously. The tricky thing about these festivals, though, is that they all seem like they'll be lit. But, not every one is created equal.

You should sort out which ones you want to go to now before you end up paying money for any old thing.

19. Finalizing your summer playlist

Listen, someone has to be trusted with the aux cord. It might as well be you.

20. Distancing yourself from your girlfriend

Haha, JK on this one.

But nah, for real -- if you know you guys are drifting apart, it might be time to pull a Homer Simpson.