A Generation Filled With Emptiness: How Gen-Y Is More Connected To Technology Than Each Other

Our generation has it made. We were born in a time when anything we want is available to us.

We live in an era of democratized information. We can’t fully grasp the concept of material hardship. Some people think our generation is entitled, while others describe us as lazy. However, is it possible to define an entire generation so absolutely?

Some people want to embrace cultural shifts, while others are averse to rapid change, but it is downright inevitable. Twenty years ago, you’d have to remain a student to become an expert, but now, you have access to everything you need.

The Internet has it all. Now, we are more efficient. Thanks to technology, we’ve been able to move faster and learn quicker than any generation before. We crave instant gratification and we have the ability to find easy ways for everything.

“Look it up” or “there’s an app for that” are two phrases that encompass our behaviors. We are never starved of information. Amateurs can be more knowledgeable than executives in today’s society.

In fact, we’re not exactly lazy. We were born in a time when we were able to quickly adapt to technological shifts. We’re lucky. We were in the right places at the right time. Everything we’ve ever known has been instantaneous.

Past generations put great significance on the core human values, but we see things differently. Our modern world places such strong emphasis on materialism that we’ve forgotten our roles in the world. So much effort goes toward appearances and possessions, but not into ourselves. We work countless hours, sell drugs and even steal in order to get new designer items. This is what makes us happy?

We’re selfish. We’ve cashed in our code of ethics for material “stuff.” People across the world are murdering, selling organs and kidnapping as ways to get their hands on new technology and luxury items all for a sense of belonging. It’s not our problem, though, right? We take it all for granted. There’s a bigger picture that a lot of people don’t seem to realize.

Technology is, perhaps, our greatest asset. It has changed our everyday lives for the better in countless ways. Saving time and money are important, but there are a lot of downsides to our predominantly technological culture.

We’ve completely immersed ourselves in technology; it has become an addiction. Think about a day without your mobile phone. You can’t imagine it, right? You need Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. In fact, you probably sleep with your phone.

While we claim to be more connected than ever, are we really? Sure, we’re able to stalk each other more efficiently, but we’re not able to circumvent the loneliness that’s permeating our generation.

Our human social drives lead us to use technology to feel like we’re connected. We crave connectivity at all costs. Technology doesn’t necessarily make us social, but it’s the easiest way to provide ourselves with satisfaction.

Our generation could certainly be defined as opportunistic, freethinking and fearless. Sadly, though, the reality is that our generation is also empty.

Photo via Tumblr