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How YesJulz Has Been Able To Create A Business Through Her Snapchat (Video)

YesJulz aka Director of Vibes takes us along for a world tour summer.

We kick it all off in Miami, the city of sun, where pool parties are regular occurrences and looking your finest is a must.

Julz, of YesJulz, gives us an exclusive pass into the life of a social media influencer. She's built her brand on the motto #NEVERNOTWORKING, and believe us, that's no lie!

Always on the move, Julz relies on her phone as a way to continue building her brand and connecting with her fans. Whether she's teaming up with music festivals, traveling for an event or just enjoying the ride, Julz is the perfect representation of a mobile world.

So check out this boss lady; she's guaranteed to make things exciting!

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