Why My Dad Is The Reason I Have High Standards For Choosing ‘The One’

by Nuzhat Jahan

Whether you believe this as a woman or not, your father is your first love. Our expectations of men start with our fathers. How we allow men to treat us depends on how our fathers have treated us.

My father makes it difficult for me to choose ‘the one’ because I have developed such high standards. He reminds me of what type of man I should choose for myself.

It hurts to know there are not many old souls and gentlemen out there. In our dating culture, the expectation and substance of a great relationship has somewhat become lost. My father has set a very high bar for the men I meet.

I have high standards because I want my future husband to be like how my father is to my mother. He treats her like a queen and me like a princess.

He has worked hard to build a beautiful home for his queen and princess; he tirelessly continues to give us the best lives we can have.

Chivalrous men are an endangered species among Gen-Yers. I'm an independent woman who doesn’t need a man to provide for her, but my father still wants to provide for me.

He fills the gas in my car, and asks if I need spending money. It's cute, right?

But, all I need to know from my romantic relationships is that a man is willing to pay for me. It doesn’t mean I want him to pay all of the time because I believe in fairness, but I want him to sometimes spoil me.

I want to know no matter what happens, he will be willing to support me. I want a man who works hard to provide for his woman and future children. I want someone who is a man enough to live for others.

My father has taught me what it means to be selfless. On his 50th birthday, the most common thing said about my father was that he is the most helpful man.

He has a hard time saying no to people who need help from him. Because of my father, I know a kind man will be there for me and will help me throughout my entire life.

My father has no expectations. He does things out of the goodwill of his heart.

When dating someone, people usually have an agenda or expectations. Very rarely do you meet old souls who understand the meaning of having no expectations.

My father is the perfect example of living a life of gratitude. He is a man who appreciates what he has.

He appreciates his wife and his daughter. It is difficult to come across a person who appreciates you for who you are.

As a little girl, my father told me I can achieve whatever I want, that the world is my oyster. I have left relationships to find and create myself.

Because of this belief, I’m not just someone; I am who I want to be. No guy can bring me down.

My father is a role model of how a man should live a balanced life. My father prays, works hard, exercises, travels, is good with all his relationships, learns, forgives, cooks, meditates, goes hunting and fishes.

He is a jack of all trades and a man's man, all while still being a gentle soul.

My father cries when he watches emotional movies. A real man is not afraid to show emotions. My father tells me he loves me. A real man is not afraid to express and articulate his feelings.

If I text or call my father, I get a response straight away. How many relationship issues are based on lack of communication?

My dad is the reason I believe in no dating games. It’s just real. You text, and you get a response. I am a priority.

Most fathers I know pressure their kids to follow the status quo. They want their children to get a certain type of job or to get married at a certain age so they can look like great parents.

My father has supported me in challenging the status quo. He helps me evolve my uniqueness. My future husband needs to uplift me and continue to support me in my journey of living an authentic life.

My father has taught me not to judge others and to forgive quickly. Because of him, I get to know men without prior judgment in hopes that we have similar qualities.

I belong to the world, and I was taught these universal principles by my father. It will take an amazing man for me to settle down and commit.

I need a man who understands the love and power of the universe. I need a man who believes one can achieve what he or she wants in life. I want a man who lives a life of adventure and worldliness.

Because of my father, I am such a positive person. Despite the difficulties of finding rare men like him, I am positive I will love a man like my father.

Because of my father, I know not to settle for less than I deserve. He has taught me age is no barrier and that I should set the pace of my own life.

I cried the day he told me I didn’t love the man who was in my life. He knows me better than I know myself.

Are there men out there who invest so much time in knowing you that they understand more about your happiness than you do?

I know the day I marry "the one" will be the happiest day of my life. I will thank my father because he will be the reason I chose such an incredible man to love.