26 Reasons Your High School Friends Are The Best To Get Drunk With

by Ashley Fern

Getting drunk with your high school friends is really quite different than drinking with anyone else in your life. You have known these people the longest -- and you aren't afraid to hold anything back.

Chances are, they were around when you took your first sip of alcohol and, honestly, when has that ever ended well for anybody?

Why is getting drunk with your high school friends better than drinking with anyone else?

1. They have seen you at your complete and utter worst

You don't have to worry about making a fool out of yourself because chances are high that one of your high school friends has already had to hold back your hair numerous times.

2. You are far too mature to take the "whoever is most sober drives home" route

That's what taxis and Ubers are for now! And thank God for that...

3. You don't have to sneak back into your parents' house, concealing how intoxicated you are

Now the only person you potentially need to sneak by is your doorman!

4. Chances are you live in a variety of cities... aka vacation!

The best part about returning to your home after time apart is that you basically get to have a free vacation. And by free, I mean you don't have to spend money on a hotel room.

5. You may not keep in close touch, but when you reunite, no one would ever know

It's difficult to keep in touch in your busy post-grad years, but when you and your high school friends get back together, it feels as if no time has actually passed.

6. You were at your most awkward when you met them, so your story time is epic

Reminiscing about your awkward years is a solid part of any high school reunion. Plus it makes you feel a lot better about the person you are now.

7. You have endless things to catch up on

Because you don't see or talk to these friends every day, you have tons of things to catch up on and the stories never ever get dull.

8. You actually want to know how their families are doing

Their parents aren't just people you hear them talk about, you actually have a close relationship with them, as you spent an ample amount of time at their houses back in the day.

You're not sure who's more excited about this friend union — you or them.

9. Your family actually encourages you to bring them over to drink

Your parents actually want to see you guys back together, like the old days.

10. Long gone are the days of stealing your parents' booze and replacing it with water

You can actually afford alcohol instead of stealing from your parents' stash.

11. ...Which means you actually have a choice in what you are drinking

Maybe you are still better off stealing liquor from your parents' cabinets.

12. If you make an ass of yourself, you don't have to worry about seeing them for another year

Isn't that the best part about having a reunion?

13. There's always at least one person doing way worse than you

Actually, no, this is definitely the best part about having a reunion.

14. There's no way you're going to do anything more embarrassing than you did in high school

By now, you've learned to handle your alcohol... or at least you can handle it better than when you were 18.

15. They will never judge you for drinking the cheap stuff

In fact, they will drink it right beside you.

16. The drama is literally so high school

There is a solid 99.9 percent chance no one in the friend group has hooked up with anyone else's boyfriend.

17. It's a great reminder of how much you've changed, but that you can still go back

Sure, you may have a real job, pay bills and live on your own, but the second you reunite with your high school friends, all signs of maturity go right out the window.

18. It doesn't matter how drunk you get, you will never be worse than you were in high school

And thank God for that!

19. They know how to cover your ass

Whether it's with your roommates, boyfriend or a stranger, they will not hesitate to remove your phone from your hand for the remainder of the evening.

20. You actually remember high school, unlike college

So you can bypass that story time and go right to reminiscing about high school.

21. This time around, you don't have to lie to your parents

You can actually tell them the complete truth about what you're doing and with whom.

22. You all actually know how to dress now

You all look a whole lot better in your pictures on this night than any night that previously went down.

23. No matter what, you'll impress them -- and vice versa

It's quite easy to impress people when you aren't spending the night talking about the SATs and where you're going to college.

24. Your bond seems so much more important when you're intoxicated

"I promise we will talk on the phone once a week!"

25. Because you probably lost touch with them

It's OK to lose touch; it's just a part of life. So this is perhaps one of the biggest and best motivators for meeting up with your high school friends.

26. It feels like going home without going home

And isn't that the most comforting aspect of them all?