8 Low-Calorie Mixers For When You Want To Party Without Any Regrets

by Leigh Weingus

You know that delicious fall cider you just drank? Yeah, it had like 230 calories in it.

Even when you're not drinking cider or beer, alcoholic drinks are famous for being heavy on the calories.

That Long Island Iced Tea you just downed? It could have as many as 780 calories in it. A margarita can clock in around 740 while a Mudslide has around 600.

But enough with the depressing alcohol facts. The good news is you can have a fun night out without tacking on a crazy amount of calories.

These mixers won't prevent a hangover, but they'll save you a significant amount of calories.

Seltzer Water


Sure, it won't be sweet, but watering down your vodka with a little fizz will keep your cocktail at around 96 calories.

Diet Coke


Diet soda may cause you to gain weight for other reasons, but you should consider changing your order to a rum and Diet Coke. It'll save you over a hundred calories!



Ever heard of whiskey on the rocks? Give it a try before turning your nose up.

Tomato Juice


If you're in the habit of ordering a Bloody Mary at lunch, you're making top-notch decisions. They're only 125 calories each and the tomato juice gives you a nice burst of Vitamin C!

Light Cranberry Juice


Light cranberry juice only has 50 calories per cup, making it a much smarter option than the full-sugar version, which has 110 calories per cup.

Lime Juice


It'll be sour, but it'll be delicious. Who needs a sugar and calorie-filled margarita when you've got lime juice?



On that margarita note, why not blend up your tequila with plain old watermelon chunks? You'll save a lot of calories.

Light Orange Juice


Low-calorie orange juice is basically just watered-down OJ. There are 112 calories in a single cup of orange juice. Light orange juice has half the calories and half the sugar.