11 Gorgeous, Healthy Breakfast Instagram Accounts You Need To Follow

by Leigh Weingus

Instagram is the best and also the worst.

Let us explain. You're scrolling through, nodding along and feeling great as you read an inspirational quote about never giving up and pause to watch an instructional fitness video.

You're super inspired. Instagram is going to be the social media platform that finally gets you in shape!

But before you know it, you're staring at a beautiful doughnut.

Soon enough, you're scrolling through heaping plates of pasta and suddenly you're desperately scouring restaurant menus on Seamless for something that will taste half as delicious as everything you're looking at on Instagram.

Trust us, we've been there.

That's why we dug up 11 beautiful, delicious-looking breakfast Instagram accounts that will also inspire you to be healthy.

Check them out below.

Healthy By Kate

Pears N Pancakes

My Vibrant Soul

Shake For Shape

Vegan Coconut Zone

Squeaky Clean

Secret Squirrel Food

Breakfast Criminals

Plant Based Pixie

Natural Nomad

Blueberry Smoothies 

Thinking about investing in a high-speed blender yet? We are.