7 Halloween Hangover Cures So You Won't Be A Zombie At Work The Next Day

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In a perfect world, Halloween would fall on a Friday or Saturday and if it didn't, we would get the day off in the name of celebrating. Sadly, Halloween's choice of what day it falls on is fair game, which means you'll wear the hangover crown the next day of work if you don't prepare properly. Halloween hangover cures are literally heaven sent and simultaneously let us have fun without regrets, while getting us through work the next morning.

Hangovers are absolutely the worst, and their range of horrible is practically limitless. Well, fear no more, because with hangover cures, we are hopefully looking on the upside and onward to the land of no headaches, dizziness, or nausea. I mean, it is 2017, so there should be a convenient, one bottle or pill hangover supplement sitting on a shelf in every grocery store by now, but again, the world is far from perfect.

Finding a hangover remedy that works for you is like finding your superpower to combat the side effects of your want (or need) to party the night away this Halloween. No one likes that grueling, slow walk to your cubicle with sunglasses and soft groans, so nip it in the bud now and find a concoction that works best for you. Again, we all experience hangovers differently, so if you're stuck on trying to find something that your tastebuds won't completely repel, explore some of the remedies these people were able to come up with.

1. Keep It All Natural

While the Halloween partying you got yourself into felt natural, the drinks you had weren't so much. It's crazy to think that a concoction to help cure your hangover is just the complete opposite of what you decided to put inside of you. Thank you, fruits and vegetables, for not giving up on us.

2. Fizzy Water For The Win

OK, maybe I spoke too soon about a hangover remedy not being on the shelves of stores. Blowfish For Hangovers is apparently an FDA-approved tablet that gets rid of those awful side effects within minutes of taking it. Oh, and if you're easily distracted by bubbles or fizz, you're in for a show.

3. Take Tips From Bartenders

Wow, some of this advice is literally gold. Of course, many of it is blunt and to the point, but aren't those the best kind of bartenders? The best advice: Don't drink if you don't want to be hungover. Who knew?

4. Electrolytes Are Your New BFFs

So, as much as my heart is broken that greasy food actually isn't the route to go to cure a hangover, the tip to stock up on electrolytes is very beneficial. According to this tutorial, carbs and protein are the way to go if you want to help calm that tossing tummy of yours. There are plenty of things you can do with some eggs.

5. Have A Mental Pep Talk

OK, maybe all the cursing things hangovers do to our bodies are physically jarring, but keeping a healthy mental state couldn't hurt. Of course, we can't just wish for our headaches to go away, but keeping a clear mind that you will get better and this horrible state isn't permanent may help. Also, for a little pre-hangover help, maybe try telling yourself you don't want to feel as crappy as the last hangover.

6. Coffee May Betray You

Yes, they said it in this YouTube video. Apparently, you need to cut back on coffee when you have a hangover because that also dehydrates you even more. Now, notice they didn't say to completely disregard it, so you can stop panicking now.

7. Juice Never Sounded So Good

Ginger deserves a gold plaque for their mantle top for all of the creative ways it can be used. It helps soothe the stomach, and is also a great addition to juices that can help cure your hangover. Once you get past the taste, you'll be cruising toward the sunset. Plain and simple, hangovers suck, but at the same time, we don't want to regulate our fun just to dodge them. Just take some precautions, and of course, be mindful of what's going to keep you from having to do that hazy walk into work the next day.

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