6 Group Costumes To Avoid This Halloween And 5 Alternatives

by Alexis DiZenzo

There’s nothing better than spending Halloweekend with your group of friends, all dressed up and coordinated. (#squadonfleek).

Every year we hit Pinterest, Tumblr and other blog posts, in search of inspiration for the best group costume.

However, time and time again we see the most basic overdone costumes each and every year.

There's the usual group of girls trying to be super cute, but slutty  at the same time, which I would like to point out isn’t a thing (You’re either slutty or cutesie, there is no in between), and then the usual group of guys who just throw a mask on, call themselves “The Purge” and  call it a night.

Halloween is supposed to be creative and fun every year.

It’s time to stop being so basic, and actually have a stand out group costume together.

Here’s your guide on all the things you and your friends should avoid this Halloween.

1. "Risky Business"

I may be guilty of this one not once, but maybe twice.

Sorry, ladies but walking around in your dad’s big t-shirt, no pants and high socks is just becoming really played out.

As much as I love the comfort of this, just walking around in a big shirt has become oh so typical.

2. Victoria’s Secret Angels

Again, also may be guilty of this one, but who isn't? Every girl has fantasized over being a Victoria’s Secret angel, and we know the guys love it.

However, it is time to save the robe for after the bath and possibly put some pants on again. (The trend for female group costumes seems to be not to wear any pants, can't say that I disagree with the idea, but you know society is shunning us.)

3. "Bad Teacher" and her students

Ever since Cameron Diaz played one in the movie, we all have seemed to have the urge to dress up as a bad teacher, and have all our friends dress up as students.

It was cute maybe in 2012, but now that the movie is so old, so is this costume idea.

4. Playboy Bunnies/sexy bunnies/basically anything with a bunny

It's been how many years since "The Girls Next Door" aired? I think five, meaning this costume should have disappeared a long time ago. Period, end of story.

5. Green Army men or anything with camo

It was a cute concept, until camo print was made a fashion statement and everyone started wearing it in every possible form.

Now you just look basic, and as if you are wearing an everyday fashion statement.

6. Franzia boxed wine

We get it, you drink boxed wine. Does dressing up as a box of wine give you more of a reason to slap the bag?

Instead of the basic, pantless and old movie inspiring costumes, let’s try something like this for your group:

1. Aliens from "Toy Story"

Not only is this super cute, but it's not something that has been done before. This idea brings a whole new light to "Toy Story," and is more than just your typical Buzz, Woody and Jessie idea.

2. Snowmen

This is a something you would probably never think to be, and one you typically wouldn't associate with Halloween.

The idea is very versatile, it could be made cute and girl, or manly, like the abominable snowman.

3. Lifeguards

This has not been done in a while, and red looks good on everyone. This costume works well for both guys and girls, and is perfect for a co-ed group.

4. "Where’s Waldo?"

A classic book becomes brought back to life. This costume is also super simple and screams more cutesie that slutty, which is always a positive.

5. Smoothies or milkshakes

This is probably the cutest costume ever, and your milkshake will be bringing all the boys to the yard.