19 Ways The Gym Works Out Your Brain As Much As It Does Your Body

by Ashley Fern
Carousel Productions

There are tons of reasons to work out, but the number one reason in most people's minds is to get in shape. While this is a great way to get your ass in gear, we all know that abs are really made in the kitchen — not the gym.

So why and how do people get addicted to working out?

Probably because it makes you feel so f*cking amazing afterwards. And I'm not just talking physically, but mentally as well.

In fact, there seems to be many more mental benefits when it comes to exercising than just physical ones.

So how exactly does the gym work your mind and soul out more so than your body? Well...

1. Your brain will give up before your legs do.

You've heard trainers say this time and time again. Your muscles are more powerful than you give them credit for.

It's your brain that's causing them to shut down. Gain control of your mind, and you'll control your body.

2. It removes you from your problems.

Your problems are put on the bench once your workout begins. You don't have time to waste thinking about things you can't control when you have free weights in front of you.

3. It resets your mood.

Did you know that exercise is one of the most effective methods of treating depression?

Elite Daily Staff Writer Zara Barrie once saw a psychologist who refused to treat her until she incorporated an exercise regimen into her life. Why?...

4. Endorphins are released in your brain, which make you happy.

Many people resort to medicine before trying to naturally fix their problems. Exercising releases endorphins in your brain, which affect your serotonin levels.

So before you head straight to the prescription pad, try going for a jog and see if that doesn't make the difference.

5. It will distract you from whatever bullsh*t your day was filled with.

When you are working out, the only thing you're focusing on is the task at hand. You know what you're not focusing on?

The sh*t your boss was spewing at you all day long. And honestly, anything that distracts us from that BS is something we can get on board with.

6. It mentally sets the tone for the rest of your day.

Working out in the morning helps keep you at a healthy pace for the rest of your day.

You're definitely more inclined to eat healthily or opt for the stairs, as opposed to the elevator.

7. It helps you calm down when you're angry and stressed.

Stressed out? Tough day at the office? Think you're about to lose it? Well, take that frustration out in the gym.

Once again, endorphins come into play. These stress-related chemicals "help to minimize the physical pain and discomfort associated with exercise.

They're also responsible for the feeling of euphoria many people report when exercising regularly," says researcher MK McGovern.

8. It wakes up your brain faster than coffee.

Experts have found that caffeine doesn't do what we think it does in a variety of situations based on the simple fact that we've created a dependency on it.

Need to abruptly wake up in the morning? Try hitting the gym and see how much more energized you feel.

9. It instantaneously boosts your self-confidence.

It doesn't matter what you look like; the moment you exit the gym, you are feeling like a f*cking supermodel.

Someone please try and argue this with me — PLEASE.

10. It helps to keep your life on schedule.

Having designated gym classes to attend helps to keep your week in order.

Not only does it do that, it also breaks your week up and helps the days go by faster.

11. It keeps your brain healthy.

When you exercise, you increase the blood flow throughout your body, which directly affects your brain and allows it to perform better.

This is exactly why you feel more focused and attentive after you exercise.

12. It even creates new brain cells.

By exercising frequently and keeping that blood flow strong, you are promoting the growth of new brain cells.

These changes help to protect against Alzheimer's and Parkinson's.

13. It manages anxiety.

Psychologists believe "that a 10-minute walk may be just as good as a 45-minute workout."

Furthermore, science supports the fact "that physically active people have lower rates of anxiety and depression than sedentary people."

14. It makes you more productive at work.

Once your brain is awake and fired up, there is no stopping you at work.

If you thought coffee helped you focus, you're in for a huge surprise once you start hitting the gym prior to hitting the office.

15. It motivates you to get sh*t done.

You can't help but feel productive and motivated after a workout. You're on an energy high, which will translate into basically every other aspect of your life.

If you aren't the type to clean your room, try doing that after you exercise.

16. It helps to improve your memory.

Since your ability to remember things is dependent upon the health of your brain, it only makes sense that exercising would improve your memory.

17. It gets your creative juices flowing.

Did you know a heavy gym sesh can "boost creativity for up to two hours afterwards?"

Need a little inspiration? It looks like it's time to hit the treadmill.

18. It relaxes you and brings you back to your center.

When you have 100 things going through your mind, like what you need to do the next day or rest of the week, it blocks unnecessary worries out and helps you focus on the present.

19. It helps you focus and keeps you disciplined.

When you're working out, the only thing on your mind is the task at hand.

Nothing else can disrupt you once you're in the zone.

Too bad life can't always be like this.

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